"You People Are Useless To Me!

Yuda Revealing His True Colors"

―Your Going To The Abyss!
Ocean Abyss's Pre-Battle Catchphrase
Yuda Ultora
Kamen Rider Ocean Abyss
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider Ocean
Motif: Deep Sea Creatures, Actinopterygii/Chordata, Cnidaria(as Ocean Abyss)
Rider Type: Anti-Villain/Anti-Hero(Formerly)



Affiliation: Ociants, Tsunami Corp(Temporarily), Himself.
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: The Oceanic Hero Rises
Last Appearance: TBA
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Kamen Rider Ocean Abyss

Yuda Ultora or Kamen Rider Ocean Abyss is one of the Former Major Antagonist of Kamen Rider Ocean.



Back In The Past Yuda made deal with the Ociants causing him to become an Ociant Rider. He was born on Mar 4,1992. After he was 16, He made a deal to bring his father back.


Yuda is now the CEO of an Organization known as The Ultra Seekers. His main goal was to use the Riders as test subjects. Yuda's father was also the true killer to Kai. After his father went out of control. Unfortunately he was defeated by Hydra in order to finish The Black Floods Return causing Angler,Vina & Jiro to have hostility towards Hydra.


Yuda is a Mean and Evil Man who wants everything to himself. Even if it means hurting his loved ones. It would eventually become more nice near the end.

Powers And Abilities

Sea Control:As a Rider he has the power to control the Ocean himself.

Abyss Summoning:As a Rider he has the power to banish anyone to the Abyss Of Broken Hope.


Yudo Ultora- Father


"I Decide Your Judgement!

Pre-Transformation Catchphrase"

―This is The End!
Pre-Finisher Catchphrase

Like Ocean his Forms are called Modes.

Mad Oceanic Mode:Accessed through the Okamiuo(Wolffish) Capsule, This Form is Abyss's Default Form. In this Form Abyss is White.

Chrono Mode:Accessed through the Chrionex Capsule,This form is Ocean Abyss's Upgraded Form. In this form Abyss is Transparent Green.

Abyss Mode:Accessed through the Viperfish Capsule, This form is Ocean Abyss's Super Form. In this Form Abyss is Transparent Silver.


Ocean Driver-Transformation Device.

Dive Capsules-Transformation Trinkets.


Abyss Seeker-Abyss's Sword Like Default Weapon.

Chrono Slasher-Chronos Mode's Weapon.

Viper Punisher-Abyss Mode's Weapon.


Abyss Cycle-Rider Machine

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