Wesley Terrick is the deputy mayor of Leone and secretly an enhanced human lieutenant of the Pra'meths known as the Iguana Plasmid


In the public eye, Wes is an easy going, friendly civil servant of the people. But behind closed doors he is a childish, self-absorbed, temperamental individual who uses his cybernetic eye on any meddlesome do-gooders who get in the way of what he wants. If that fails, he transforms into a hulking humanoid lizard behemoth to deal with his problems..

Powers and Abilities

In human form,Wes has heterochromic eyes, one of which is a cybernetic implant armed with a Tachyon Phase Disruptor that destabilizes the electrical currents in machines (including Rider Belts) and severely burns organic matter such as human flesh. In his monster form, he can discharge plasma bolts from his mouth, has razor sharp claws and superhuman strength that increases when he feels pain because of implanted glands that release a steroid-like chemical in response to his brain's pain receptor nerves. Because of this, inflicting pain only makes him stronger and increases his size making him a difficult opponent to defeat.


  • Each of the high ranking villains in the series represents a type of villain used throughout the Kamen Rider Series history. In the case of Wes, he represents the Remodeled Humans used by Shocker and other villain organizations during the Showa Era.