Vincent Parker
The Last Ninja
Kamen Rider Elder Ninja
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider Ninja
Motif: Ninja
Rider Type:
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Kamen Rider Ninja
Last Appearance:
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Actor: Tom Baker



Vincent Parker is the Last Ninja and the father of Micah Parker.

Character History


Powers and Abilities

Ninjutsu Mastery
As the Last Ninja, he is a master of ninjutsu and Shuriken, and has used it with his comrades to fight.
Peak Human Condition
Even at his current age, he is still able to perform great feats, like jumping from a very high tower and landing safely if shaky. However, as a result of his age, he cannot fight the forces.
He is able to create countless versions of himself, effectively distracting even other ninjas.
Linguistic Skills
For some peculiar reason, Yoshitaka peppers his speech now and then with Italian. According to Sam, Vincent can communicate with aliens 30 times, implying he knows their languages.
Whirlwind Generation
He was able to create a whirlwind with his bare hands to power up a Flame Technique of Goton Shuriken.
As a ninja master, he is skilled in makeup and disguise.
Culinary skills
He seems to be very good at making oden and ramen.