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Shift Speed System

Welcome to the Shift Speed System! This process will give you help on cropping your images, creating original riders and giving you tips on your projects, so to sign up, start a thread and we will talk a bit and I start working this process, so if you are ready, just contact me.

Please note the following:

  • You need to have a reason for joining the Shift Speed System, if you don't, you will be supsended/fired from it.
  • You can't credit yourself for my works or you will be supsended/fired from it.



Name Photo Time Joined Collaborative Works
WreckerGaming WreckerGaming 02:15, July 8, 2018Needed help with the Ruinbottles, Ruin Driver and Yami Build's pictures. He also need help with Ryuga Banjou's Neo Cross-Z Form and Neo Cross-Z Dragon. Ryu Daigo’s original pictures, Ryu Daigo’s Great Cross-Z Hazard, Takumi Kobayashi’s Kamen Rider Heat Form, all of Kamen Rider Tech's pictures and Double Rabbit Hazard. The Iron Man Ridewatch was also created for him.

He also had help with all the Kamen Rider Heisei pictures and Kamen Rider Elemental as well.

Also some currently unused assets such as Future Ghost, Pre-Form Build Genius, Decade Zi-O Form, RabbitDragon Hazard, Cross-ZBuildHazard, Geiz EternalArmor, Build SoujikiSoujiki, Ryu Daigo's Cross-Z Hazard Form, a Zi-O Rider, all of Kamen Rider Ni-O's pictures, Build TakaComic, All of Imitation Build's forms and Ridewatch stickers for Cross-ZBuild, Cross-Z Evol, Grease and Prime Rogue.

Superjokertv Superjokertv 07:49, October 25, 2018Needed help with Dark Gaim (Bujin Gaim)’s Suika and Silver Arms and the original Lime Energy Arms, Mashin Shifter, Zero Ghost’s historical forms and the Compassion Damashii and Eyecon, the Darkness and Purple Garuda Wizard Rings, the Lime Energy Lockseed, the Ride Shifter and Signal Bike Shifter, the Signal Legend Ganba and Mach Ganba pictures, and edits on his Adam Winterstransformation gear, weapons, vehicles and lore
KuugaUltimate200 KuugaUltimate200 02:43, January 24, 2019Needed help with his Kamen Rider Elfen story and a series inspired by my idea, Yasei Sentai KenomogerIcon-crosswiki.
Kamen Rider Crisis Kamen Rider Crisis 18:04, January 26, 2019Needed help with his upcoming Kamen Rider stories. Also the Shift Speed System was referenced in Kamen Rider Rube.
Jack.Lee900 Avatar 06:56, May 11, 2019Needed help with his Kamen Rider Engine VS Kamen Rider Falcon pages.
BestMatchBuild and Pat141elite BestMatchBuild
16:05, May 11, 2019 (BestMatchBuild)
15:35, May 12, 2019 (Pat141elite)
Needed help with the Nightmare, Kamen Rider Taki, Kamen Rider Volt, Kamen Rider Shippu, Kamen Rider Grease Blizzard, Kamen Rider Mugenryu, Kamen Rider G7 Icarus XYZ, Kamen Rider G7 Type-S (Aqua), Kamen Rider New G7 Icarus, and Kamen Rider Huntress Creator Gamer Rider Cards, as well as an unpurified Kuma Fullbottle.

Honorable Mentions

Name Photo
PurFox PurFox

Consumers Who Rejected


Consumers Left Ambiguous

Name Photo Time "Joined" Reason Why
Legoman54312 Avatar 18:05, July 9, 2018 to be added
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