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Tire Blaster

The Tire Blaster is Moto Rider's default pistol-like weapon, partially shaped like the front section of a motorbike. It is summoned when Moto Rider hits the Boost Igniter four times on the Moto Driver while the Mach Charger is in place, though Axel is able to use the Tire Blaster without transforming into Moto Rider.


Moto Rider's Signal Change modes are able to passively influence the shots fired by his Tire Blaster.

The Tire Blaster has a melee option; by spinning the Tire Striker wheel-like part, it makes the Tire Blaster announce "AcceleSlam", which allows Moto Rider to slam the weapon into the opponent and send them flying with the force of the attack.

Finishing attacks

To activate a finisher, Moto Rider can take a Moto Charger and insert it into the Tire Blaster's Signal Landing Panel slot above the trigger. Like how it is normally, the Tire Blaster's finisher can be influenced by Moto Rider's current Signal form.

  • Mach + Directo: Moto Rider fires into the air, then hits the Boost Igniter once, making the blast fire bursts that spread around the targets, hitting them multiple times.