The Ghost's Rail Car is a landmark located a few miles outside of Leone.

The rail car is black and white with hexagonal windows and has burn marks on the left side. It is named so because the people of Leone believe the car is haunted by the spirit that protects their city.

In reality, it is one of the "houses" of The Seer and contains a fully functioning bath, a bed and several items related to Kamen Rider stored on a shelf.


  • A rusted red Wizard Driver and 4 Wizard Rings* (Copy, Excite, Invisible and Please) *later given to Jazinda
  • Phillip's book
  • Super Radar Switch (used to detect Pra'Meths when inserted into a homemade device in Nile's or Pecos's base)
  • a burned Kamen Ride Card in a picture frame.