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Tasha Carter is the younger sister of T.J. Carter, older sister of Jacob Carter, and the only daughter of the Carter Family at 23 years old. After receiving the Cage Expandriver from an unknown sender, she transforms into Kamen Rider Strike after achieving a resolve to become stronger.


Tasha was born the middle child of Travis and Makayla Carter and is the only daughter of the family. While her older brother honed his soccer skills and her younger brother was an overall better athlete and student, Tasha focused more on her fighting prowess and eventually earned a black belt along with a more confident attitude to boot.

During the attack of the Cult of Phisto at Jacob's coronation ceremony, Tasha used her martial arts training to fight the attacking Phistoids rather than run away as most did. She then later watched as T.J. used the Emboss Wildriver to transform into Kamen Rider Meso alongside his inner demon, Kamen Rider Saur. Stamp Signed Deal


Similar to her two brothers, Tasha is a very calm and kind person, although she seems to have a shorter amount of tolerance towards people and can be very blunt with how she feels, being easily annoyed with her father's attempts to go viral. She also prefers to be self reliant and is unafraid to put herself in danger, shown when she helped T.J. fight of some Phistoids and when she willingly gave herself up to Nathan Russel as his hostage only to later use her martial art skills to disarm and knock out the older man when given the chance.

Powers and Abilities


  • Inner Demon Control: Like her brothers, Tasha possesses the ability to keep her inner devil, Najathi, under control. This enables him to use the Cage Expandriver and allows Najathi to become a corporeal demon.


  • Expert Martial Artist: Tasha holds a black-belt in karate and can easily disarm firearm users as well as fight Phistoids untransformed. Her skills are exponentially enhanced while transformed, where she showcases masterful proficiency against a higher number of Phistoids as well as an Advanced Phase Innemon.


Cobra Genome

Cobra Genome

"Freedom up! Ring the bell! Let the fight begin! Kamen Rider Ssstrike!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics
  • Rider Height: 194.0 cm
  • Rider Weight: 62.5 kg
Ability Parameters
  • Punching Power: 36.2 t
  • Kicking Power: 36.5 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 27.1 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 2.6 seconds

Cobra Genome is Strike's cobra-based primary form accessed by using the Cobra Beastamp in the Cage Expandriver.

Strike possesses balanced punching and kicking power, with the highest punching power among Genome X's Riders but relatively low kicking power. She also has the highest running speed, but the lowest jumping height. Due to Tasha being a karate student, Strike specializes in hand-to-hand combat In this form, Strike can extend the ponytail on her helmet and use it as a whip for to attack enemies.

Cobra Genome consists of the following parts:

  • Strike Cobra Helm: The helmet.
    • Cobra Tail Braid: The facial armor. The armor, which is composed of smooth curves, fends off impacts and prevents a direct hit to the head.
    • Strike Cobra Eye: The compound eyes. Its shape, which resembles the spots of a cobra, enhances upward visibility and is useful when attacking from a low position. In addition, dynamic visual acuity is improved as concentration is raised, and together with the excellent heat sensing ability accurately captures the movement of the enemy.
    • Strike Cobra Chomper: The oral cavity. It has the property of increasing the power of fighting attacks by exhaling violently, and is also used to intimidate enemies by amplifying the voice.
  • Cobra Chest: The chest armor. The unique ability engraved with the symbol mark makes the user a cobra warrior of strength and weakness.
  • Expand Genome Suit: The reinforced suit. Deployed at the same time as the Freedom Up, the genetic information of the species supplied from the Cage Expandriver is reconstructed, and by wearing it in an enhanced shape, the user is transformed into Kamen Rider Strike.
  • Strike Cobra Liner: The augmented energy path. By reading the consciousness of the user and quickly supplying additional energy to the parts that require the most energy, the power of various attacks is enhanced.
  • Strike Cobra Arm: The arms. The energy supplied from the Expand Genome Suit enhances the physical ability of the user, and the flexibility of a cobra is added to unleash techniques that mix hardness and softness, such as elbow strikes and chokeholds.
  • Strike Cobra Grip: The gloves. While they have the ability to handle all weapons, they are best at fighting with empty hands.
  • Strike Cobra Leg: The legs. By adding the flexibility of cobra to the physical ability enhanced by the Expand Genome Suit, the distance to the enemy is quickly closed, and the footwork to obtain an efficient distance for attacking and evading has been acquired. Also, they are good at continuous kicks by means of high-speed rotation.
  • Strike Cobra Stomp: The boots. By receiving the operation of the Cage Expandriver and converging the energy supplied through the Strike Cobra Liner augmented energy path on the surface of the sole at high density, the finishing move Cobra Stamping Crash can be activated.

This form has the following finishers:

  • Cage Expandriver finishers:
    • Cobra Stamping Crash: After Strike jumps into the air, Najathi transforms into a small, snake-like form composed of light blue energy and flies toward her before coiling around her leg. Strike then delivers a kick to an enemy in the air, producing an orange and blue energy shockwave upon impact. Strike keeps her foot against the enemy's body as the two fall until she uses her heel to slam the enemy into the ground beneath her. Strike ends up on top of the enemy, who explodes shortly after.
Appearances: Animalia Episodes 12-14, Kamen Rider: Neo Generations, 15-

Strike can use a Beastamp in the Cage Expandriver in order to transform Najathi into the corresponding Genome, which takes the form of a weapon she can wield.

Peacock Genome

Cobra with Najathi Peacock Genome

"Weaponize up! Arm up with Peacock! Let's go!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

By using the Peacock Beastamp in the Cage Expandriver, Strike can transform Najathi into her peafowl and Masked Rider Cross-X-based Peacock Genome. In this form, Najathi transforms into a pair of tessen.

Najathi Peacock Genome consists of the following parts:

  • Feather Blades: The feathers. The sharpened feathers give off an aura of alluring beauty which fascinates those who see it. During the Peacock Stamping Crash finisher, the Feather Blades attach onto Strike's back to give her a pair of wings, temporarily granting her the ability to fly.
  • Feather Arch: The curved blade on the fan's leaf. It gives off the image of a peacock with its tail feathers spread out, and its shape allows Strike to fight with graceful and almost dance-like movements. In addition, it can use the energy from the Cage Expandriver to generate crimson flames to further supplement its power.
  • Feather Fan Pivot: The rivet. This point allows Najathi to be folded up into a compact form specialized for striking, and it releases itself during Strike's finisher to allow the Feather Blades to attach onto her back.
  • Najathi Eye: Najathi's eyes. They can share Najathi's visual feed with Strike, allowing the latter to fight from 3 different perspectives.

This form has the following finishers:

  • Cage Expandriver finishers:
    • Peacock Stamping Crash: This finisher has two variations.
      • Najathi floats into the air and glows yellow before separating into a total of 18 blades. Strike jumps into the air and ten of the blades attach to her back before spreading, generating cyan and purple-colored energy peacock feathers. The remaining eight blades then rotate around Strike's foot and form a drill-like configuration as she performs a flying kick. Blue energy is released upon the kick's impact, followed by orange energy. Strike brings her foot back as the eight blades surrounding it momentarily spread apart again before she delivers a second kick, launching the enemy away.
      • Strike throws Najathi, who glows yellow before separating into 18 blades. Ten of the blades attach to Strike's back as she runs before spreading as she jumps forward, generating cyan and purple-colored energy peacock feathers. The remaining eight blades then rotate around Strike's foot and form a drill-like configuration as she performs a flying kick. The kick creates orange energy upon impact before causing the enemy to continue flying forward along with Strike until hitting a wall. Strike then kicks away from the enemy before the latter explodes.
    • Peacock Freedom Crash: Strike heats up Najathi and performs a fire-covered slash using both fans. She then spins in order to perform a second slash, with one fan striking the enemy after the other, before delivering a third slash while jumping. Swirling fire forms underneath Strike while she holds the fans out, propelling Strike further. As she falls back to the ground, Strike swings both fans downward while they are covered in fire, creating a fiery explosion to attack the enemy.
Appearances: Animalia Episodes 13-14, 16, 19

Turtle Genome

Cobra with Najathi Turtle Genome

"Weaponize up! Arm up with Turtle! Let's go!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

When Strike activates the Turtle Beastamp in the Cage Expandriver, she can turn Najathi into her turtle and Masked Rider Next-based Turtle Genome, which consists of a large cannon colored after Masked Rider Next.

Appearances: Animalia Episodes 15-16

Tasha transforms into several past Legend Riders as part of the Clone Rider system developed by Ryder Marks of the year 2072.

Space Knight

Space Knight

Tasha temporarily becomes Space Knight with the help of the Clone Rider system designed by Ryder Marks.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider: Neo Generations

Dating Gamer Level X

Dating Gamer Level X

―Transformation announcement[src]

Tasha temporarily becomes Date Knight with the help of the Clone Rider system designed by Ryder Marks.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider: Neo Generations

Rushing Cheetah

Rushing Cheetah

"Let's Rise! Rushing Cheetah Let's Blast!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Tasha temporarily becomes Kamen Rider Amazon with the help of the Clone Rider system designed by Ryder Marks.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider: Neo Generations





  • Najathi: Tasha's inner demon manifested from her weakness. She shows a fondness for her and affectionately calls her "Naja".


  • Lilith: While she herself is very found of Tasha and wants to recruit her into the Cult of Phisto, Tasha has no love for Lilith, immediately attempting to fight her on their first two encounters.
  • Berus: Despite his attempt to worm has way closer to her during a covert plot by the Cult, Tasha seems to hold no serious issues with Berus and shows little reaction to him other than being ready to fight him if necessary.
  • Spencer Graham: Upon foiling his plans using the Planarian Innemon, Tasha made an archenemy out of Spencer. The rivalry became two-sided after Spencer directly came to Tasha's campus in order to get his revenge on her.

Behind the Scenes


Tasha is portrayed by Amandla Stenberg. As a child, she is portrayed by Jordyn Raya James.


  • Strike, in this case, is a homograph for both a snake biting someone and for a physical hit from another person.


  • Unlike her original counterpart, Tasha is the middle child of the Carter family rather than her second brother
  • Parts of Strike’s mask are the overhead view of a cobra. The “eyes” are the pattern on the hood of the snake, the “mouth” being the snake’s eyes and the snake’s tail forming a small ladder braid of “hair” on Jeanne’s head.


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