Singular Rider G1 Three: Siren (シングラーライダーGワンスリー: サイレン Shingurā Raidā Surī: Sairen?) is the three and last movie of Singular Rider G1 movie. This movie take place after FOG destruction and completely remade the worlds. However, the unknown and mysterious enemy attack called Shibito Army, Shibito and Yamibito to kill humans. Samuel transformed into Singular Rider G1 once again to defeat the evil force.


After the destruction of FOG, however, Biollante saw the F.E.A.R. World was destroyed by Samuel's radiation meltdown.

The final confrontion of Mother, he transformed into Singular Rider G1 then fight her. However, his armor was heavily damaged and radiation meltdown is begin to explode.