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Signal Ax

The Signal Ax is Moto Rider Mech's default halberd-like weapon, shaped like a pedestrian crossing signal light.

This weapon is summoned from the front portion of the Warrior Cycle, but like Mach's Tire Blaster, it is also capable of appearing from Mech's transformation effect.

During Auto Rider: Back From The Future, an untransformed Dash uses it to destroy the corrupted Auto Driver. He also uses it while assuming Special For, in order to combat against Paradoxa.

By turning the Advanced Ignition on his Dark Auto Driver, Auto Rider Gold can briefly steal this weapon from Mech.

Finishing attack

The Signal Ax's finisher Across Breaker is activated when Mech loads the Warrior Charger into its Signal Landing Panel on the pole and presses the red Signal Push Button on the shaft. However, as a drawback to this, he must wait until the light on the E-Condition Lamp changes from red to green in order for his weapon's attack to be fully charged before pulling the Full Throttle Trigger. During the wait, Mech can use either of his other weapons, namely the Brake Blaster or Booster Blue, to keep the target busy. He can also use other Auto Chargers (namely the Proto Charger) for extra power while waiting for the E-Condition Lamp to change from red to green, but not before giving it to another Rider to hold it. Once the charging is done, he can initiate one of two variations of this attack.

  • Mech swings the Signal Ax several times, with the path of his swing seconds before each swing generating black-and-white tracks that resemble a crosswalk. He can also do it just once to create an instant swinging path.
  • Mech flies up and uses the Signal Ax to strike the enemy with a spin slash.
  • Axel uses a variation where no black-and-white tracks appear but strikes the enemy with a purple energy slash.