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Seth William is a worker at Greg Coffee's coffee store with a dark secret of his past and holds the power of Power Rider Fusion, he is also the 31st rider in the Legacy of Masked/Powers Riders and one of the riders in the Hesei Legacy of Masked/Power Riders


on the battlefield, he is more sly and cunning than a fox, sharp as a whip and mean as a rattlesnake to the enemies around him, but outside of the battlefield, he is kind and has a positive way upon life and the good people around him


During the tech era, Seth Williams works at a coffee store owned by a coffee maker named Greg Coffee and his cousin Alice, but behind his kind working and leadership skills, he also has a dark secret in regards of his past

You see, the dark secret of his past was that he used to work at a tech-inventing service area with his brother until the evil Masquerade came to Earth with his army of powerful monsters, known as Neo-Cyborgs, Seth and his brother were soon kidnapped by one of Masquerade's henchmen, Power Rider Vampire Steel, and used as gueniea pigs in an evil experiment, but before the final part of the experiment, Seth managed to escape, he tried to save his brother too, but it was too late, Seth's brother's experiment was complete, turning him into an evil monster (Or what Masquerade calls, a Neo-Cyborg)

Seth, now on his own, escapes from the expriment and arrives at the coffee shop of Greg and Alice Coffee, who take him in as one of their own to asist them in running the store

While doing that, Seth began working on a Power Rider experiment with his new brilliant IQ that he developed after going through the first half of the evil experiment before he escaped, with the help of Alice, the expriment becomes successful, transforming Seth into Power Rider Fusion

Although Greg prefers him to work with a partner, Seth only prefers to work alone, fearing that he might loose a partner like he did with his brother in the experiment

That is until a strange teenager, named Lucy comes into the coffee shop and tooken pitty on by Greg, Seth makes Lucy her own robot in the shape of a dragon, which she uses with her own belt to transform into Power Rider Dragon Tech

Now it's up to Power Rider Fusion (and Power Rider Dragon Tech (maybe)) to stop Masquerade and save the world

Rider Suit



Human Friends

  • Greg Coffee
  • Alice Coffee
  • Lucy (Power Rider Dragon Tech)
  • Rocky (Power Rider Bronze Crusher)
  • Ali (Power Rider Prototype)
  • Doctor Phillson (Power Rider Mad Doctor) (Sometimes)


Power Rider Tripple Rocky
Power Rider Rocket Nick
Power Rider Lock n Shock Harry
Power Rider Gem Hyde
Power Rider RPG Ali
Power Rider Paintball Marco
Power Rider Biker Brock
Power Rider Time Turner Sofia
Power Rider Power Rider Time Traveller Harry


  • Masquerade
  • Lizzy
  • Christopher (Power Rider Vampire Steel)
  • Stephen (Power Rider Smoke Steel)
  • Doctor Phillson (Power Rider Mad Doctor) (Sometimes)