Psi equipped with the Flying Attacker

185px-SB-315F Flying Attacker Blaster Rifle Mode

Flying Attacker Blaster Rifle Mode

The SB-315F Flying Attacker (also known as "The Wings") is a high-tech backpack worn by Kamen Rider Psi. It provides Psi with flight capabilities (including the ability to hover) with a maximum speed of 820 km/h. It allows Psi to perform the "Cobalt Smash", or "Sky Impact" (which is equivalent to the the Phi & Chi Shot). The Flying Attacker can also convert to "Blaster Rifle Mode" where the main engines fold down & out to become high powered laser cannons, though the Flying Attacker's flight speed is greatly reduced in this mode. It works in either "Single Mode", where it can fire 120 rounds per second, or in "Burst Mode" where it discharges one single high-powered shot from both engines. The Flying Attacker is an optional component to Psi as it is detachable & therefore is not necessary to the transformation. The controller for the jetpack, Tonfa Edge serve as the controls to fly the jetpack as well as the primary weapons for Psi.

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