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Ryūketsu (流血 , lit , Bloodshed) is a high-tier Canine Greeed that has three aspects : Artic Wolf , German Shepherd , Coyote . As a powerful Greeed , Ryūketsu assisted his fellow Greeed in an effort to take down the King who was the previous OOO wielder , resulting in the latter being sealed along with his fellow Greeed in the end

At some point , Ryūketsu struck up a special bond with Akihito Satō who was his hosts , to the point that the latter would protect Akihito from stupid danger . Provide the latter's wielder with powers , Ryūketsu assist Akihito in his quest of protecting humans from creatures whom he think was "enemies"

Character History

Turbulent early life

When the latter was first created, Ryūketsu resided within his every single Core Medals not as the King of Canine instead of a Greeed , with the latter felt free and was able to see the beauty in this world . As the latter watching the vast being of Earth , Ryūketsu loved the vast blue sky more than anything.

But as the 10th Core Medal was taken away, Ryūketsu spawned from the Core Medals with his sense smell, vision and taste becoming distorted. Ryūketsu was unable to see the world in the same way he previously did , which left the latter with a feeling of being incomplete. Ryūketsu and the other Greeeds became the embodiment of greed. The King witnesses the birth of the Greeeds including Ryūketsu and says “Happy Birthday!” as he takes their Core Medals.

Ryūketsu joins up with the other Greeeds and agrees to take down the King together, in order to retrieve the latter and other Greeeds's Core Medals. The Greeeds including Ryūketsu manages to get their Core Medals back too, but even when Ryūketsu combined with other Greeeds while in their full form they can’t take on the king. In order for the latter and other Greeeds to defeat him, Ryūketsu suggest they use Yummies created from the King’s greed , which the latter's words earn agreement from other Greeeds . The Yummies Ryūketsu and other Greeeds created are almost as strong as a full form Greeed because of the King’s strong greed. The battle end with the King scans all Core Medals in an effort to defeat Ryūketsu and other Greeds , which sealed the King along the entire Greeeds along with Ryūketsu in the ending.


Ryūketsu loves to shapeshift into his true form

As a Greeeds , an entity that was animal-like homunculi , Ryūketsu has manifests as an canine animals-like Greeed with wolf-like ears and sharp fangs . Though Ryūketsu's belt-like waist turn dark whenever he lost his Core Medals

Ryūketsu possessing Akihito Satō's body

Ryūketsu was always seen in the series taking over Akihito Satō who happen to a deadly-charming Japanese young man with short , wavy chocolate-brown hair and hazel eyes . For the latter's choice of clothing for his host , Ryūketsu donned Akihito an mix of outfits that consists of an violet-purple shirt , a onyx black-leather jacket , skin-tight dark brown pants that has right side tucked into a winter boot . Along with its , Ryūketsu sometimes wear a notably green scarf around Akihito's neck


Ryūketsu taking over Akihito Satō's human body

Unlike most Greeeds , Ryūketsu devoted to and greatly respect Akihito Satō who was his wielder , with the latter adores Akihito's presence . Befitting in the situation where the latter struck up true loyalty to Akihito , Ryūketsu often constructs a beautiful mindscape surroundings inside Akihito's mind , help Akihito feeling comfortable even when under the latter's influence . Having once Akihito demands the latter cares about him , Ryūketsu willing to help Akihito defeat legion of Japanese Imperial Demon Army , making the rightful decision of not done anything terrible to Akihito's fellow mates . When follow Akihito's own admission , Ryūketsu claim that Akihito is "the nicest guy" he ever seen , showing the latter's lack of hatred for Akihito

Befitting in the role of a high-tier Greed who betray his own kind , Ryūketsu happen to naturally inclined to secretly helping Bird Greeed Ankh who betray the Greeed , with the latter went on display mercy by suggest the Feline Greed Kazari should return one of the Insect Greed Uva's Core Medals to calm him down . After being exposed as Aquatic Greeed Mezool trying to give information out to Kamen Riders , Ryūketsu reveals that his actions have caused such being like Insect Greeeds Uva to hate him, but the latter doesn't get a chance to respond when the Heavy Animals Greeed Gamel asked if he now hates too before they are interrupted. However, Ryūketsu clearly does not agree with the methods Kyoto Maki being used to extract information from Greeeds , showing that the latter does not hate species-mate.

Due to being a Greeeds monster , Ryūketsu had interact with a lot of Kamen Riders , even went as far as the latter had mixed feelings toward Kamen Riders . Originally in the series , Ryūketsu resented Kamen Rider OOO for their treatment of him as an abomination, but the latter also wanted Kamen Rider 000's companionship . This was seen when Ryūketsu implored to Kamen Rider Meteor that "he should a monster like me sake" , though the latter was heartbroken by Kamen Rider Meteor's betrayal. In another meeting , Ryūketsu was proud of Kamen Rider Den-O's protectiveness over his friends , despite the latter hate Kamen Rider Den-O for insulting him

Power and abilities

Ryūketsu promise to use Akihito Satō's body

As the high-tier Canine Greeed , Ryūketsu was undoubtedly had three Core Medals aspects : Arctic Wolf , German Shepherd , Coyote inside his Greeed body , thus resulting in the latter's power "capable of rivaling that" of Bird Greeed Ankh . Due to being the latter being "one of most powerful high-tier Greeed ever existed" ever existed , Ryūketsu's mere presence literally freaked the hell out of the Feline Greeed Kazari . Because of the length an army of Yummies prepares against Ryūketsu , Ryūketsu's powers were such that its force Aquatic Greeed Mezool to flees rather than stay back .

After the latter's defection from Greeeds society , Ryūketsu was able to easily defeat the Insect Greeed Uva without using any weapons . Even when the latter is low on powers , Ryūketsu was so powerful that the Heavy Animals Greeed Gamel didn't want to engage in a battle with him

  • Cell Medal Transmutation : Even when Greeeds is not in their hosts's bodies , Ryūketsu can shapeshifting between his true form and a piles of Cell Medals at any time he likes
  • Greeed Possession : Like every single Greeeds , Ryūketsu requires a host to survives safety in the human world and can take over that host's body at anytime he likes . Unlike most Greeeds , Ryūketsu formed a deep profound bond with Akihito Satō who was his host , with the latter would never put Akihito in unnecessary danger as a result of this
  • Yummies Identification : An unqiue abilities that granted Ryūketsu the abilities to effortlessly identity the Condor Yummy as Bird Greeed Ankh's creation with internal organs bleeding , whereupons the latter proves to be able to have an idea of whose created Incomplete Yummy
  • Freezing Cold Touch : A trait that only Ryūketsu had proves to be able to generate a freezing-cold barrier around himself in an effort to block an attack from the Feline Greeed Kazari's light-based attack before fleeing with Kamen Rider 000 , the coldness of the latter's hands threaten to transform at least one Kamen Rider into humanoid ice-cream
  • Holy White Light : A fiery blast of holy white light naturally unleashed from Ryūketsu's hands could disorient the Aquatic Greeed Mezool's precision in aiming her water-based attack , this bright burst of holy white light the latter emitted proves to be able to cause the CEO of Kougami Foundation to flees rather than stay back
  • Energy Orbs Blast : This special purple-colored energy orb Ryūketsu use could stunned Insect Greeed Uva for a few minutes , as shown when the latter attack a police officer from Tokyo Police Station with his purple-colored energy orb for belittling him in the past
  • Mind Reading : A power is used by Ryūketsu on Heavy Animals Greeed Gamel while he sleeping , allowing the latter to created Yummies from his victims's desire