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Russel Beale is a former high school student who became a executive of the Cult of Phisto operating under the name Berus. He transformed into the Wolf Innemon using the Wolf Demon Beastamp. Once Thanatos revealed his true colors, Berus defected from the Cult of Phisto with Lilith. After being seperated from his demon, he is reverted as a human and resumes his life as Russel Beale.


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Compared to both Lilith and Thanatos, Berus is hot-tempered and eager to fight against the enemies of the Cult. He often shows great enjoyment while fighting, seemingly being unconcerned with those he is fighting much to his own determent when fighitng against the Kamen Riders. Despite this, Berus is more timid and kind when interacting with Lilith, taking any opportunity to cheer her up when he believes she is upset. He seems to value her opinion over all others and only drops his combative nature when speaking to her. He also seems to be upset by Thanatos' status as Lilith's right hand and even showed anger towards him during the former's reveal of Lilith being the final sacrifice for Phisto's revival.

Powers and Abilities

Former Powers

  • Transformation: Using the Wolf Demon Beastamp, Berus is able to transform into the Wolf Innemon. After seeing Thanatos kill his former friend and transform him into a Phistian, Berus evolves into the Feral Wolf Innemon. After the Feral Wolf Innemon was defeated by Animalia and Berus' Wolf Innemon form was absorbed by Phisto, he was reverted to a normal human and lost his ability transform.


  • Skilled Marksman: As the Wolf Innemon, Berus is skilled at using the Brasshot.

Wolf Innemon

Wolf Innemon

Wolf Innemon

―Transformation announcement via Wolf Demon Beastamp[src]


  • Height: 200.7 cm
  • Weight: 109.3 kg

Berus transforms into the Wolf Innemon using the Wolf Demon Beastamp. As a Phistage, he can return to his human form at will. He has extraordinary agility and combat power using the genetic information of a wolf, and prefers a wild fighting style that is warlike and bares his emotions.


  • Brasshot: The Wolf Innemon's personal trumpet-like gun. The blade on its underside can be used for melee attacks.


  • Fireballs: The Wolf Innemon can fire flaming shots from the Brasshot.
  • Charged Shot: By clamping the jaws on his chest, energy flows through the red tubes and into the Brasshot before, the Wolf Innemon fires a beam of dark red energy.
  • Enhanced Speed: The Wolf Innemon is able to move faster than the enemy can react and catch them off-guard.
  • Energy Punches: The Wolf Innemon can enhance his punches by covering his fists in red energy.
  • Smoke Disappearance: The Wolf Innemon can disappear in a cloud of electrified red and black smoke.
Appearances: Animalia Episodes 1, 3, 5, 8, 12-13, Kamen Rider: Neo Generations, 15-17

Feral Wolf Innemon

Feral Wolf Innemon


  • Height: 200.7 cm
  • Weight: 123.6 kg

Berus transformed into the Feral Wolf Innemon after witnessing Thanatos transform Javon into a Phistian, effectively killing his best friend in the process. In this form, Berus gains tremendous amounts of power, able to heavily injure even Thanatos in a single hit. However, this state strips Berus of self-control and logic, leaving him hellbent on destroying everything in sight, and attacking his opponents without restraint, similar to the fighting style of a wolf.


  • Extreme Speed: The Feral Wolf Innemon is far faster than his original form, allowing him to destroy or injure opponents in an instant.
  • Energy Slashes: The Feral Wolf Innemon can deliver red energy slashes using his claws.
  • Combustion: The Feral Wolf Innemon is able generate an explosion large enough to damage numerous city blocks.
  • Energy Punches: The Feral Wolf Innemon can enhance his punches by covering his fists in red energy.
  • Charged Attacks: By clamping the jaws on his chest, the Feral Wolf Innemon channels red energy throughout his whole body and can perform stronger attacks.
    • Energy Burst: After clamping the jaws once, the Feral Wolf Innemon can generate a burst of red energy from his body.
    • Charged Slash: After clamping the jaws once, the Feral Wolf Innemon can launch large red energy slashes shaped like a claw scratch.
    • Energy Beam: After clamping the jaws twice, the Feral Wolf Innemon can fire a beam of red energy from them.
This form is exclusive to Animalia Episode 18





Behind the Scenes


Berus is portrayed by Trevor Stines.


  • He is named after Cerberus, the three-headed watch dog of the underworld in greek mythology.
    • This is a reference to Berus' role as Lilith's bodyguard.


  • Berus' wolf motif is an homage to TBA, one of the first two SOAR generals from the 1972 Masked Rider TV series.
  • His weapon Brasshot is a portmanteau of brass & shot.


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