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Question 2040 (QUESTION 2040 Kuesuchion Nisen-yonjū) is the twenty-fifth chapter of Edge of Time: Road to the King. It is the second part of the Goofy Movie dulogy tribute arc and serves as the debut of Kamen Rider Quiz 's Futuring Quiz and Futuring Saber forms.


In order to take yet another Rider Link away from the heroes, and deprive Kamen Rider Quiz of his powers, Conquete starts a fight between Zi-O and Geiz! Father and son, the latter arriving from the year 2019, Quiz faces his own father, the Quiz Metaluna in battle! Can the others stop this fight from escalating too far?


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Forms and Collectables used


  • Watch used:
    • Zi-O
      • Zi-O, Ex-Aid, Gaim
    • Geiz
      • Geiz, Build
  • Rider Armor(s) used:
    • Zi-O
      • Ex-AidArmor, GaimArmor
    • Geiz
      • BuildArmor
  • Showa Rider power(s) used in ShowaArmor: N/A


  • Watch used:
    • Woz
      • Woz, Saber, Quiz
  • Form(s) used:
    • Woz
      • Futuring Saber, Futuring Quiz


  • Lock Used:
    • Watermelon, Pine
  • Weapon Summoned:
    • Watermelon Gatling, Pine Shield

Wizard Rings

  • Rings Used:
    • Transformation: N/A
    • Magic: Helping Hand
  • Paradigm Used:
    • N/A


  • Rider Links Obtained: Quiz
  • Count at episode end
    • Links obtained by Rex: Build, Mach, Ex-Aid, Cronus, Fourze, Beast, W, OOO, Gaim, Kuuga, Dante
    • Links obtained by Grant: Drive, Para-DX, Cross-Z, Faiz, Wizard, Skull, Birth, Showa
    • Links obtained by Geiz: Baron, Quiz (reborn)
    • Links obtained by Zero: Genm
    • Links obtained by Sora: Decade, Shinobi (reborn)
    • Links obtained by Weiss: Geast
    • Links obtained by Conquete: Zero-One, Saber, Shinobi (original), Quiz (original)
  • The title of the episode (Question) is a nod to the first opening theme of Assassination Classroom season 2
    • This was likely chosen to fit Quiz's motif of quizzes, as well as a reference to his finisher Question Kick
  • The chapter was uploaded during Father's Day
  • During the chapter’s omake, Sam the Eagle from The Muppets makes a cameo appearance
  • Quiz's R/B Rod is based on this fanmade weapon by Malunis