A Pureblood Pra'meth is a Pra'meth from a parallel universe where the Crisis Empire never attacked their homeworld and represent what they were before they became hideous monsters from factory pollution and military experimentation on their bodies. The only full Pureblood Pra'meths in the main universe are shown in flashbacks early in the series. The Seer is revealed to be one third Pureblood Pra'meth and her mother is a half-breed Pureblood.


Pureblood Pra'meths are hauntingly beautiful humanoids. They are tall, have light grey skin, silvery white eyes and powder blue hair that glows during the night.


Purebloods are able to levitate using their telekinetic abilities and possess the ability to project thier telepathic thoughts into physical constructs. Thier physical strength is 2.6 times stronger than a human and they posessed advanced medical technology which was used for aiding space-faring ships with sick passengers.