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Red alert.jpg WARNING: This series contains scenes of blood and character death. Viewer discretion is advised!

For the series' main character, Ignite, see Aiden Drakeforge.

Power Rider Tales is a Power Rider series created by Gokai-Volt. It is the second entry in the "Nexus Era". It is based on the thirty-first Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Saber.

The catchphrase for the series is "Only you can decide the ending to this Tale".

It replaces Power Rider Data and is followed by Power Rider Beast Surge. It is not to be confused with the Tales Of series.


Within the mythical kingdom of Dreamtopia, a sect of swordsman who were chosen to protect the mysterious book, the Book of Wisdom, a powerful tome that contains everything known to man. The swordsmen used the sacred blades and powers from stories to protect the Book and the world from evil monsters.

However, one of the swordsmen betrayed the Order and joined forces with the Darkmare Order to steal the Book and to use the Book's powers for himself. As a result, the Book disappeared and each of its pages were scattered across the world.

In the present day, a new generation of swordsmen are chosen by the sacred blades to continue the fight for Dreamtopia and to return the Book to its rightful place.

A young blacksmith apprentice called Aiden Drakeforge, gets caught into the fray when a group of monsters attack his village. Expressing his determination to protect his friend and village, Aiden is suddenly surrounded by flames, transforming him into one of the Dreamtopian knights, the long-lost Swordsman of Fire, Power Rider Ignite.


Power Riders

Kamen Riders (Clockwise from top-left): Ignite, Torrent, Flash, Dargon, Phoenix, Haze, Timewave, Shine, Rhythm, Zephyr, Jugnaut

TV Show

Power Rider Ignite George MacKayAiden Drakeforge
Power Rider Torrent Daniel WestbrookLyon Bookwright
Power Rider Flash Rai Brighton (Other users)
Power Rider Jugnaut Jarek Van der Aart (Other users)
Power Rider Zephyr Keanu Wynd
Power Rider Rhythm Zvon Sointu
Power Rider Dargon Kyran BrightonGeorge MacKay (Other users)
Power Rider Phoenix EmrysClade
Power Rider Shine Ori
Power Rider Haze Hermione Dim
Power Rider Timewave Percy Crauwels
Power Rider Master Master Mordred
Power Rider Finis Alta


Power Rider Jugnaut Eric Harland
Power Rider Flash Ramiel Thunderson
Power Rider Zephyr Thalia Boreas


Team Drake

Dreamtopia Order

  • 4 High-Ranking Sages
  • Several Unnamed Swordsmen


Power Riders

TBA Hugh DuBois

Power Rangers

Zord Leader Robin HylandIcon-crosswiki.png
Mighty Warrior TyrexIcon-crosswiki.png
Wild Warrior LeonelIcon-crosswiki.png
Mystic Warrior TitanaIcon-crosswiki.png
Drive Warrior AccelIcon-crosswiki.png
Pirate Legend Eddy HarlockIcon-crosswiki.png


Darkmare Force



Main article: Episodes (Tales)

The episodes in this season are referred to as Manuscript.

  1. Through the Fire, Hope Ignites
  2. Rushing Torrents, The King has Arrived
  3. The Herculean Earth
  4. Thunderous Mysteries
  5. A Friendship, A Betrayal and an Eagle
  6. Arrival! The Hidden Gales
  7. To Avalon, Find The King's Sword, Part 1
  8. To Avalon, Find The King's Sword, Part 2
  9. Harmonized! Melody of Swords
  10. One Book, Two Riders
  11. Dark Clouds Looming
  12. Promises from Long Ago
  13. Wild Storm of Fire
  14. Surging Feelings
  15. Pillars of Destruction
  16. Light the World, Part 1
  17. Light the World, Part 2
  18. Striking Flames
  19. Duel to the Rhythm
  20. Raging Storm, The Sword's Will
  21. Miraculous Shine
  22. Rumble of Earth and Flame
  23. Wrath of The Dragon
  24. Chaotic Future
  25. Through the Fog, Crimson Strikes
  26. Dark Thunder
  27. Elements of Sorrow
  28. Violent Tempest
  29. Crashing Waves of Time
  30. Wild Waters
  31. Believe
  32. Like a Blizzard, He Roars
  33. Ever Changing Future
  34. The Phoenix Rises
  35. Higher Power, Part 1
  36. Higher Power, Part 2
  37. Future of Hope or Despair?
  38. The Sword from the Stars
  39. Trust Your Heart, Trust Your Blade
  40. Blades of Friendship
  41. A Oath of Two Millennia
  42. Forging the Path to the End, Part 1
  43. Forging the Path to the End, Part 2
  44. May the Final Chapter Begin
  45. Battle for the World
  46. Flickering Flames
  47. The Story that Saved the World


  • to be added


  1. Power Rider Tales: The Juggernaut of Earth
  2. The Knights and the Pirate
  3. When Worlds CollideIcon-crosswiki.png


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