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This article is about a/an adaption show in the Kamen Rider Series.

For the series' main character, Data, see Ethan Fletcher.

Power Rider Data is a Power Rider series created by Gokai-Volt. It is the first entry in the "Nexus Era". It is based on the thirtieth Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Zero-One.

The catchphrase for the series is "Leap towards your Dreams!".

It replaces Power Rider TBA and is followed by Power Rider Tales.


In the far future, the technology company who specialises in artificial intelligence, Fletcher Labs, has developed a new form of A.I., in a humanoid form known as the Cyberbots and have become a staple in everyday life.

However, after the unexpected death of the company’s president, the mysterious organisation DestrucThunder, begin to make their move by carrying out various terrorist attacks, including hacking into various Cyberbots, to carry out their ideals. With destructive Cyberbots on the rise, the government deploys a new security branch, the Cyber Security of Artificial Intelligence Squad, to protect the public from the Cyberbots, hacked or not.

Meanwhile, the young Ethan Fletcher, is appointed as the new president of Fletcher Labs, as per his grandfather’s will. After he witnesses a terror attack carried out by DestrucThunder, Ethan swears to defend his grandfather’s company and the public by becoming Power Rider Data. However, it's not easy for the new president, as he gets caught in the crossfire between DestrucThunder, the C.S.A.I. and later, Fletcher Labs’ arch-rival, Metronics Corporation, led by Emil Eszes, who wants his technology to be the number one in the world.

Will Ethan be able to surpass all the odds? And become a hero, for both, humanity and the Cyberbots?


Power Riders

Main Riders (Top left to right: Data, Barrage, Surge, Zetta and Chaos. Bottom left to right: Glider, Dystopia, Thunderbird and Exploit)

TV Show

Power Rider Data Ethan Fletcher
Power Rider Barrage Željko Vuković (Other users)
Power Rider Surge Astrid Halloran
Power Rider Glider Falk (Data)
Power Rider Dystopia Hadeon
Power Rider Thunderbird Boran
Power Rider Chiliad Emil Eszes
Power Rider X X (Other users)
Power Rider Exploit Morana
Power Rider Hollow Ethan Fletcher
Hadeon (simulation)
Power Rider Paradise Ouranos


Power Rider 0.1 Ethan Fletcher
Power Rider Beta Adam Fletcher
Adam Fletcher
Power Rider Barrage Željko Vuković
Power Rider Surge Astrid Halloran
Power Rider Glider Falk
Power Rider Dystopia Hadeon
Power Rider Destros Ro Ro
Power Rider Slither
Power Rider Destros Gina Gina
Power Rider Destros Caeso Caeso
Power Rider Destros Ambrose Ambrose
Power Rider Destros Various users
Power Rider Unlimited Alexis
Power Rider DestrucThunder DestrucThunder
Power Rider Metronic Wes Banes


Fletcher Labs/Fletcherology


  • to be added

Power Riders

Power Rider Chron-O Bernard Reynolds
Power Rider TBA Lysander Kearney
Power Rider TBA TBA
Power Rider Lunar Miranda McAlpine



Trilotroopers Various
Lacewing Extinctbot Gil
Glider Extinctbot Pat
Ekal Extinctbot Barnaby
Squid Extinctbot Jimi
Bat Extinctbot Various
Gastro Extinctbot George
Amphibian Extinctbot Layla Dillion
Mammoth Extinctbot to be addedto be added
Dodo Extinctbot to be added
Arsino Extinctbot to be added
Dodo Chick Extinctbot to be added

Chaos Extinctbots

Chaos Extinctbot (Lacewing Type) to be added
Chaos Extinctbot (Dodo Type) to be added
Chaos Extinctbot (Glider Type) to be added
Chaos Extinctbot (Bat Type) to be added
Chaos Extinctbot (Squid Type) to be added
Chaos Extinctbot (Mammoth Type) to be added
Chaos Extinctbot (Amphibian Type) to be added


Buffalo Trojan Kevin Blumenthal
Whale Trojan Philip Moorehouse
Lion Trojan Gene Caine
Penguin Trojan Aspen Winters
Panda Trojan Zane Reed
Jackal Trojan Astrid Halloran
Trojan Troopers Various


Power Rider TBA to be added
Alter Data Hans
Alter Power Rider Aroa
  • TBA


Main article: Episodes (Data)

The episodes in this season are referred to as Authorise.

  1. The Rider of the Future
  2. Howling Like a Wolf
  3. Disappearing In a Blur
  4. Thunderous Uprising
  5. The Manga of Dreams
  6. Calm Before the Storm
  7. It's Not All Fun and Games
  8. Destructive Thunder
  9. Race Against Time
  10. Superhero Actor
  11. Keep the Camera Rolling
  12. The Number One Detective
  13. As the President's Secretary
  14. Fletcher, We Have a Problem
  15. Thunderous Downfall
  16. Out of Commission
  17. The Golden Rider
  18. Flowers of Passion
  19. The Perfect Home
  20. Home Sweet Home
  21. All Rise
  22. Danger, Danger
  23. Somebody to Love
  24. United
  25. Igniting the Flames
  26. Of Fury
  27. As the Deadline Approaches
  28. Battle of The Presidents
  29. Leap Towards Your Dream, Once Again
  30. What Would Adam Fletcher Do?
  31. Never-ending Dreams
  32. Passion for Fashion
  33. This is the Last Straw, I Quit!
  34. Who Can Prevent the Dark Christmas Eve?
  35. Destructive Path
  36. Rising Chaos
  37. Unstoppable Force
  38. A New Dawn
  39. No One Saw This Coming
  40. My Dreams are..... UNLIMITED!
  41. The Target of Chaos
  42. Malice
  43. Corrupted into Despair
  44. Who Will End this Calamity?
  45. Future's Hope


  1. Power Rider: Generations of The Future
  2. TBA


  • to be added

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