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For the series' main character, Bestia, see Dino Durrell.

Power Rider Beast Surge is a Power Rider series created by Gokai-Volt. It is the third series in the "Nexus Era". It is based on the thirty-second Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Revice.

The series motif is animals, stamps and demons.


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Power Rider Bestia Dino Durrell
Power Rider Vex Vex
Power Rider Shade Erebus/Zachary Durrell
Power Rider Web Slyvester Parker
Power Rider Justus Zachary Durrell
Power Rider Serpens Alice Durrell


Durrell Family

Eternal Ride Corporation


  • Juan Villa
  • Victoria Sheridan


Contract Holders

  • Elijah Derrick
  • Jay
  • Connor Woodson
  • Harper Riley


Main article: Episodes (Beast Surge)

The episodes in this season are referred to as Stamp. Similarly to the episode titles of Kamen Rider OOO, the titles are consist of three objects/events that appear/happen in the episode.

  1. Beast Seals, Evil Spirits and a Power Rider
  2. Demotion, a Bad Guy and Contracts
  3. 999, Hostages and a Mysterious Belt
  4. Danger, Family and a Contract Signed
  5. Live Broadcast, Stolen Beast Seals and a Traitor
  6. The Traitor's Identity, a Kangaroo and a Lawyer
  7. A Thief, Skateboards and Spiders
  8. Celebration, Family Holiday and a Hammer
  9. A Runaway, Drifting Brothers and a Mantis
  10. Breaking Free, Justice and a Reunion
  11. A Bank Robbery, Desire and Unknown Power
  12. Hidden Potential, Resolve and a Cobra
  13. Prison Break, Trust and a Upgrade
  14. A Ceremony, Hesitation and the Enemy Within
  15. The Rude Awakening, a Clue and the Raid
  16. Society Dissolved, Defection and a Cunning Plan
  17. Broken Friendships, Intense Training and Burning Flames


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