Polly Parker
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Kamen Rider Mobile
Gender: Female
Series: Kamen Rider U.S.A.
Kamen Rider Ninja
Rider Type:
Homeworld: Earth
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Actor: Emily Osment
Kamen Rider Mobile
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Polly Parker is younger sister of Sam Parker, cousin of Kaine Coleman, Dipper Morales and Jane Rooney.


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Movies And Other Events

Kamen Rider U.S.A. vs. Kamen Rider 1

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Kamen Rider U.S.A.: All Riders vs. Ghost Shocker feat. Super Sentai and Space Sheriffs

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Kamen Rider U.S.A. vs. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

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Kamen Rider U.S.A. vs. Saban's Masked Rider

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Kamen Rider U.S.A. x Dragon Knight x Masked Rider: Rise of a Riders


A pure, optimistic and hard working young girl. Polly is Sam’s younger sister and her reliability may be the product of growing up with a fireball like Takaharu. She is jolly most of the time but when something saddens her, it is very deeply. Polly is sometimes deeply disgusted with Sam and her father's attitudes, as both have similar goofball personalities and their air-headedness gets them into trouble on several occasions.


  • Rider Kick
  • Rider Punch

Rider Powers