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Name: ShadicMCGS

How long have you been editing here: Since June 12, 2018 (2 years, and 28 days)

Link to your page: User:ShadicMCGS

Who owns the page you want to adopt: User:KuugaUltimate200

When was it last edited: March 15, 2019

Why do you want it: I'm planning to use it as a character theme for one of my riders in my mini-series. Also, the opening the show it was meant for has been changed, so I'm pretty sure I can use it, but I'm filling this out just to be sure.

Response: You technically already took it for your KR Wisp: Civil Wars series, but eh, who am I to care since you're an admin lol. Approved (in a very late manner). AyanariENG (talk)