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Orphnoch's Heroic Sacrifice
Kamen Rider 555, Episode 24
Airdate: TBA
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Written by: TBA
Directed by: TBA
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A Good-Hearted Orphnoch


Chase's Admirer

Orphnoch's Heroic Sacrifice is the twenty-fourth episode of Kamen Rider 555. It features the death of the Crab Orphnoch.


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When the Crab Orphnoch got hit, he was able to resist the shot and strikes the Crocodile Orphnoch back. Ethan and Alicia were about to help but the Crab Orphnoch insisted he needed to do this fight on his own. The Crab Orphnoch was putting a great fight between the Crocodile Orphnoch but both the Frilled Lizard and Rose Orphnoch interfered giving the Crab Orphnoch a difficult time. The Crab Orphnoch was getting brutally beaten by the three teamed-up Orphnochs until the entire Rider Crew finally shows up.

The Rider Crew (especially Alyssa) checks to Ethan and Alyssa confronts him by hugging and kissing him. The Rider Crew notice the Orphnochs and prepares to fight but Ethan stops them saying that the Crab Orphnoch is actually a good guy that wants to protect human but the Rose Orphnoch tricked him saying that Kamen Riders are hurting humans. Ethan also said he was the one who saved Ethan and escaped the previous battle. And he also saved both Eliza and Elise from the Crocodile Orphnoch.

The Rider Crew wasn't sure about what Ethan said but they believe him anyway because they found Ethan and his story made sense. They looked at the Crab Orphnoch in suspicion but they see they have bigger problems at their hands. When the riders transform, the Crab Orphnoch walks out of the scene knowing the Riders have it under control. The Kamen Riders and Orphnoch were having a great fight with the other Rider Crews members getting involved trying to help out the Riders.

Meanwhile, the Crab Orphnoch roams around checking if people need help. The Orphnoch sees a little boy looking alone so he goes toward the boy. The little boy doesn't seem to be scared by the Orphnoch so he tells him that his mom is taken by someone and couldn't find her so the Crab Orphnoch agrees the little boy finds his mother. The Crab Orphnoch with the little boy on his shoulders were looking around for the boy's mother when they hear someone yelling out the little boy's name.

The person shows itself revealing as the boy's mother but she's actually being held captive by a robber. The boy tries to help his mother but the robber tells him that if he gets any closer, his mother will be killed. The boy is scared to go closer but the Crab Orphnoch has an idea. The Crab Orphnoch is waiting for the robber to get ready to let the mother go and the sneak attacks the robber.

The Orphnoch ruthlessly attacks the robber so the mother can unite with her son. The mother looks at the Orphnoch out of fear but her son convinces her that he was the one that found him alone and that he is a good person. The mother realized that not all Orphnochs are bad and said thank you for saving her and helping her son. The police showed up to arrest the robber but when they saw the Orphnoch, they pull their guns out in fear that the Crab Orphnoch might attack but the Orphnoch then runs over.

The Orphnoch runs throughout the city scaring a lot of people nearby unintentionally until he was caught in a dead-end at a different abandoned area. The police surround the Orphnoch with their guns pointing at him. The police were ordered to shoot in which they rapidly shoot the Orphnoch but the Orphnoch was resisting almost every shot. The effects of the bullets are starting to get to the Orphnoch and he goes on his knees. The Crab Orphnoch is in a weakened state and wants to run away again but he can't.

The police were going to shoot him one time but the Auto Vajin came in and grabs the Crab Orphnoch so he can escape. Meanwhile, Ethan as Delta is putting up a fight against the Frilled Lizard Orphnoch angry about the Frilled Lizard betraying the Crab Orphnoch. So Ethan preparing a Lucifer's Hammer on the Orphnoch and was about to destroy him but the Crocodile Orphnoch goes in front and becomes a shield for the Frilled Lizard Orphnoch.

Ethan tries to prepare another Lucifer's Hammer but he was stopped by the Kamen Riders because the Crab Orphnoch is at Smart Brain so they evacuated. The Rider Crew shows up at Smart Brain and they found the Crab Orphnoch in a medical bed. Ethan checks up the Orphnoch happy that he was able to make to Smart Brain alive. Sydal then goes up to the Crab Orphnoch saying that he wanted what's his backstory. The Crab Orphnoch agrees and he retells his story just like he did with Ethan. The Crab Orphnoch explains that he and the Frilled Lizard are an experimental Orphnochs.

Experimental Orphnoch has a flaw where they have a chance to either be in humans or Orphnoch's side. He was an example of an Orphnoch being on the human's side. The Crab Orphnoch was tricked by the Rose Orphnoch because he was told that Kamen Riders are the ones hurting humans like he knew the Crab Orphnoch was a mistake because he never said the same thing to the Frilled Lizard and the reason how the Crab Orphnoch got involved in the battle.

When he saw Ethan deformed from Delta, it made him realized that the Rose Orphnoch was the real villain the entire time. So he saved Ethan from the explosion and told him to an abandoned area and he also took a hit for Eliza and Elise when they got launched back. Smart Lady even has proof of the Crab Orphnoch stopping a robber trying to kill a mother in front of her son.

The Rider Crew now understood the story and accepted the Orphnoch as an ally and a friend. Sydal took his hand out wanting to shake the Orphnoch's hand. The Crab Orphnoch and Sydal shook each other's hand and Sydal allows him to be in the Rider Crew. Before the Crab Orphnoch is healed, the Frilled Lizard actually sneaked into Smart Brain. He planned on attacking the traitor Crab Orphnoch. But knowing he doesn't have enough time possibly being caught, he changed his plan by kidnapping a member of the Rider Crew.

He snuck up to Alyssa grabbing her and knocking her out. The Frilled Lizard Orphnoch took Alyssa to the same abandoned area that the Crab Orphnoch took Ethan. When Alyssa woke up, she called Ethan to come to help her. During the call, Alyssa was grabbed by the Frilled Lizard Orphnoch scaring to get off her. Ethan hears what's going on and heads out to save her. The Crab Orphnoch wonders where Ethan is going so he decided to follow him.

Ethan shows up to the area angry about the Frilled Lizard Orphnoch taking Alyssa. Ethan transforms into Delta and fights. Ethan uses his martial arts background to catch up with the Orphnoch. Alyssa even steps in to help Ethan for a better advantage but the Frilled Lizard Orphnoch is just too powerful. The Frilled Lizard Orphnoch overpowered both Alyssa and Ethan with them on the ground. Frilled Lizard tries to destroy Alyssa but the Crab Orphnoch shows up in time. Frilled Lizard and Crab Orphnoch have an intense and evenly matched fight between each other in which ends with both of them on the ground.

The Crab Orphnoch somehow got back up and held back the Frilled Lizard Orphnoch so Ethan can finish him. Ethan doesn't want to do it because it could destroy the Crab Orphnoch as well. The Crab Orphnoch admitted that he was going to die anyway and destroying Frilled Lizard can make him feel happy knowing he will not be a threat anymore. Ethan gets emotional but he reluctantly does it. Ethan uses Lucifer's Hammer on the two Orphnochs with the Rider Crew surprisingly showing up. The Frilled Lizard Orphnoch dies knowing that he can do better. Ethan, Alyssa, and the Rider Crew run-up to the Crab Orphnoch with Ethan saying don't die but the Crab Orphnoch says his final words. "I'm hoping we can meet again one day, thank you all for believing in me. Remember, I will be a part of you and make sure to protect all humans" as the Crab Orphnoch turns into ashes.

Ethan is crying knowing he destroy his new friend but Alyssa said that he had no chance since he was going to die anyway and he wanted to die knowing that he sacrificed himself for the sake of humans. Everyone mourns the loss of the Crab Orphnoch until Sydal gets an idea. He says that since his ashes are still here, we can possibly resurrect him using Smart Brain technology. Ethan is emotionally happy that there is a possibility to bring back the Crab Orphnoch and hugs Sydal.

The Rider Crew leaves Ethan alone with Alyssa giving him a kiss hoping that Ethan feels better. And it ends with Ethan grabbing the ashes saying he will bring him back as a promise.


Rider Crew

Orphnoch Elite

  • Rose Orphnoch
  • Spider Orphnoch/Kyle Shinkai
  • Crocodile Orphnoch

Guest Cast

  • Crab Orphnoch
  • Frilled Lizard Orphnoch

Forms and Mission Memories used

  • Mission Memories used
    • Delta
      • SB-333B (Three times in Delta Blaster)
    • Chi
      • SB-913P
    • Phi
      • SB-555P
    • SkyJet
      • SB-315P
    • Omega
      • SB-000P
    • Sigma
      • SB-350P
  • Forms used
    • Delta
      • Delta Armor
    • Chi
      • Chi Armor
    • Phi
      • Phi Armor
    • SkyJet
      • SkyJet Armor
    • Omega
      • Omega Armor
    • Sigma
      • Sigma Armor

Input Codes and Finishers used

  • Input Codes used:
    • Delta
      • Kamen Rider: (Standing By), Check: (Exceed Charge)
    • Chi
      • 9-1-3 Enter: (Standing By)
    • Phi
      • 5-5-5 Enter: (Standing By)
    • SkyJet
      • 3-1-5 Enter: (Standing By)
    • Omega
      • 0-0-0 Enter: (Standing By)
    • Sigma
      • 3-5-0 Enter: (Standing By)
    • Smart Lady
      • 5-8-2-1 Enter: (Auto Vajin, offscreen)
  • Finishers used:
    • Delta
      • Lucifer's Hammer (2x)