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Najathi is the inner demon that dwells within Tasha Carter. She is the manifestation of Tasha's innocence and materialized when Tasha recognized her own weaknesses.

Character History

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Unlike her fellow demons, Najathi is completely docile and friendly towards Tasha and other physical beings. This, alongside her not looking to kill humans or forcefully possess their host, makes Najathi the kindest demon thus far in the show. Seeing as how demons are usually the repressed side of someone's personality, it is possible that Najathi is similar to Tasha as a child in personality.

Powers and Abilities


  • Demon Physiology: As a demon, she possesses the following characteristics outside of her manifestation:
    • Imperceptibility: Najathi cannot be perceived by anyone other than her host, with other inner demons like Saurex being an exception.
    • Intangibility: Najathi is completely intangible and can pass through everything, including her host.


  • Tasha Carter: Najathi is dependent on the body and mind of her host, Tasha. Najathi cannot assume a physical form without Tasha using the Cage Expandriver, and will return into an incorporeal state upon the Driver disengaging. Like Saurex and Skade, Najathi will also die if Tasha is killed.
  • Poor Combat Experience: While she becomes corporal every time Tasha transforms into Strike, Najathi has no fighting abilities and has to be always protected by someone, except when she is activated for Strike's finishers, or when turned into a weapon that Strike can wield.




When Strike transforms using the Cage Expandriver, Najathi is released and materialized. However, Najathi has no fighting ability and has to be protected by others, as she is a representation of Tasha's weakness. Like Saurex, Najathi returns to her host's body when Strike cancels her transformation.

Strike can use a Beastamp in the Cage Expandriver in order to transform Najathi into the corresponding Genome, which takes the form of a weapon she can wield.

Peacock Genome

Peacock Genome

"Weaponize Up! Arm up with Peacock! Let's Go!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Peacock Genome is Najathi's peafowl and Masked Rider Cross-X-based form accessed by Strike using the Peacock Beastamp in the Cage Expandriver. In this form, Najathi transforms into a pair of tessen.

Peacock Genome consists of the following parts:

  • Feather Blades: The feathers. The sharpened feathers give off an aura of alluring beauty which fascinates those who see it. During the Peacock Stamping Crash finisher, the Feather Blades attach onto Strike's back to give her a pair of wings, temporarily granting her the ability to fly.
  • Feather Arch: The curved blade on the fan's leaf. It gives off the image of a peacock with its tail feathers spread out, and its shape allows Strike to fight with graceful and almost dance-like movements. In addition, it can use the energy from the Cage Expandriver to generate crimson flames to further supplement its power.
  • Feather Fan Pivot: The rivet. This point allows Najathi to be folded up into a compact form specialized for striking, and it releases itself during Strike's finisher to allow the Feather Blades to attach onto her back.
  • Najathi Eye: Najathi's eyes. They can share Najathi's visual feed with Strike, allowing the latter to fight from 3 different perspectives.

This form has the following finishers:

  • Cage Expandriver finishers:
    • Peacock Stamping Crash: This finisher has two variations.
      • Najathi floats into the air and glows yellow before separating into a total of 18 blades. Strike jumps into the air and ten of the blades attach to her back before spreading, generating cyan and purple-colored energy peacock feathers. The remaining eight blades then rotate around Strike's foot and form a drill-like configuration as she performs a flying kick. Blue energy is released upon the kick's impact, followed by orange energy. Strike brings her foot back as the eight blades surrounding it momentarily spread apart again before she delivers a second kick, launching the enemy away.
      • Strike throws Najathi, who glows yellow before separating into 18 blades. Ten of the blades attach to Strike's back as she runs before spreading as she jumps forward, generating cyan and purple-colored energy peacock feathers. The remaining eight blades then rotate around Strike's foot and form a drill-like configuration as she performs a flying kick. The kick creates orange energy upon impact before causing the enemy to continue flying forward along with Strike until hitting a wall. Strike then kicks away from the enemy before the latter explodes.
    • Peacock Freedom Crash: Strike heats up Najathi and performs a fire-covered slash using both fans. She then spins in order to perform a second slash, with one fan striking the enemy after the other, before delivering a third slash while jumping. Swirling fire forms underneath Strike while she holds the fans out, propelling Strike further. As she falls back to the ground, Strike swings both fans downward while they are covered in fire, creating a fiery explosion to attack the enemy.

Turtle Genome

Turtle Genome

"Weaponize Up! Arm up with Turtle! Let's Go!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Turtle Genome is Najathi's turtle and Masked Rider Next-based form accessed by Strike using the Turtle Beastamp in the Cage Expandriver.

In this form, Najathi transforms into large cannon colored after Masked Rider Next.

Turtle Genome consists of the following parts:

  • Bazoobarrel: The barrel. It can double the energy by shining red light inside the long barrel. Furthermore, at the time of injection, a turning motion is added to the accelerated energy bullet, and the high-speed rotation dramatically improves the straightness and the drilling force. Thus, Kamen Rider Strike can fire a thousand shots of that power in a row.
  • Shell Canopy': The armor. The strong armor plate of special metal protects the user from the blast. This makes it possible to fire from close range.
  • Mydas Sight: The genome's sight. Kamen Rider Strike looks into and shares the target with the buddy. It can also be used as a reconnaissance device by removing it and launching it into the sky.
  • Najathi Eye: Najathi's eyes. Instead of Kamen Rider Strike who is concentrating on the target, she has the role of watching the surroundings. However, it is often the case that Najathi is fascinated by the subject.
  • Bazoogrip: The grip. Kamen Rider Strike grips a very soft grip to stabilize the shooting posture. At the same time, energy is supplied from the Cage Expandriver.

Behind the Scenes


Najathi is voiced by Olivia Holt.


  • Najathi is a mix of the words Naja, the genus name of cobras, and Hathiyaar, the hindi word for 'weapon'.
    • While Naja is a reference for Najathi's cobra theming in their normal state, the hathiyaar half is a reference to Najathi's ability to tranform into weapons for their host using different Beastamps.


  • Najathi is the first inner demon in Animalia to act benevolently towards her host from the start and not have a Rider form, as the other main inner demons (Saurex and Skade) were initally antagonistic and can assume Rider forms.


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