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Mosfiqur Rahman Mahin

Kamen rider:Bat
Planet Ventara
Age 19
Birthdate 1st October 1991
Height 8,5 ft
Weight 110 lbs
Gender Male
Species Ventaran
Affiliation Light Kamen Riders
Occupation Kamen rider
Previous Occupation(s) Collage Student


Advent Deck
Bat Deck
Advent Beast

Mahin is Kamen Rider Wing Knight.


Before becoming Kamen Rider, Mahin was a collage student and best friends with Nasif. The two of them were out for a walk when he witnessed Kamen Rider Phoenix and Cobra fighting. Nasif got scared and ran away, but Mahin stayed and saw another Rider, Advent Master, arrive and Phoenix flee. Wanting to help, Mahin asked what he could do, and Cobra told him about the Ventara, and that they needed Riders to defeat his brother's army.

Kamen Rider: Bat

Advent Cards


'Dark Visor: Kamen Rider Bat''s Card Reader (A sword)

Sword Vent:Summons Melee-Weapon Wing Lancer

Trick Vent: Makes four illusionary copies of Wing Knight

Guard Vent: Blackwing turns into a cape which guards Wing Knight

Nasty Vent: Summons Blackwing to give a dark howling sound

Final Vent: Blackwing turns into cape. Wing Knight jumps into the air and spins as he attacks the enemy

Survive Mode: Gives Wing Knight blue armor and darkens his visor, Blackwing turns into Black Raider

Advent Beast

Blackwing is Bat's parnther and also his contract monster. When Mahin is in trouble, Blackwing comes to rescue him without being summoned.