Mike's Father
Gender: Male
Season: Super Samurai
Color(s): Green
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Warriors of Two Worlds
Last Appearance: Warriors of Two Worlds
Number of Episode
Green Samurai Ranger
Green Samurai Ranger

Mike's Father, the previous Green Samurai Ranger, was supposed to teach him the ways of the samurai but instead saw life in the best possible light. In reality, his way of life was meant to inspire Mike to become a samurai on his own, rather than be conditioned into the role. Because Mike's mother died when he was young, he wanted Mike to be a happy child.

He participated in the previous defeat of Master Xandred, returning to his former life afterwhich. He appears in Power Rangers Super Samurai - Warriors of Two Worlds when Mia & Mike are in the same restaurant & it becomes a hostage situation.

Green Samurai Ranger


  • Samuraizer
  • Samurai Disks
  • Spin Sword
    • Forest Spear


  • Bear FoldingZord