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Michael Quill
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Title Michael Quill
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First Appearance Chapter 7
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Michael "Mike" Quill is Kamen Rider Kran, and the younger brother of Luke Quill.

Character History

Michael grew up in the same small town as his brother. After an attack by the Taint wiped Luke's mind, leaving him a blank slate with augmented anti-Taint abilities, Michael joined the same organization dedicated to fighting the monsters, in order to keep an eye on his brother (or what was left of him).

He and Altis fought together on a few occasions, and he accompanied Altis to Madeleine Moore's house to warn her to leave town. When she not only failed to do so, but intervened in their fight with the Crow Taint the next day, he became annoyed, though Altis wouldn't let him really talk, making him grumble. He and Altis left to find the other active Taint.

Later, he and Faye intervened in the fight with the Komodo Dragon Taint, taking Altis and Maddy back to a hotel room hideout for treatment. When Madeleine woke up, Mike explained his and Altis's history--or part of it. Altis picked up partway through, and they were interrupted by a new Taint attacking.

When next seen, Mike and Faye were in a small farmhouse, which Altis took Madeleine to. The entire group returned to base, Mike and Faye leading Madeleine through a circuitous route to meet their leader, Gloria Song, where they left her.

When Mike encountered Madeleine again, she was already in training to become a Kamen Rider herself. He surprised her by not saying she was smarter to leave; the way the Taint had started to push, something big was coming and they needed all the help they could get.


Michael is rather hostile and brusque, annoyed by outside interference, but his pragmatism usually balances his personal feelings.


  • Kran Driver (presumed)
  • Cable Guns (unnamed)


Michael has short, chestnut-brown hair and a thin face, and like all his fellow Riders, piercing eyes (which are not entirely organic).