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Masked RIder Generations is the second entry in the Timelines series focusing on the legacies of the Masked Riders and their connection to the Power Rangers.


The story begins with Dex returning to action after defeating Dregon but with a set of powered armor that uses his Ectophase to energize itself. However, he is attacked by a strange creature resembling a grasshopper and is sent into a mysterious room filled with balls of light. He touches one and it sends him to the time of the Masked Rider Warriors. Dex must relieve the stories of his predecessors in the past to save the future. Later, The series crosses over with Power Ranger Legacy Force to reveal the mysterious origins of the Ectophase.


Power Riders

Power Rider Tackle Zarius
Power Rider Black Albee Stewart
Power Rider Super Green Dex Stewart
Power Rider Hopper Moon Dude
Power Rider ZO Donais
Power Rider J Ferrian


  • Zarius, Albee, Moon Dude, Ferrian & Donais transform into Power Riders Tackle, Black, Hopper, ZO & J for the first time.