"This is my/our Marsh!

Marshes Pre-Battle Catchphrase"

―I'll show you how I truly feel!
Geyser's Pre-Battle Catchphrase
Mars Rito
Kamen Rider Marsh(II)
Kamen Rider Geyser
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider Ocean
Motif: Salmon, Lion Fish(as Marsh)

Kraken(As Geyser)

Rider Type: Anti-Hero(At First)


Villain(Under Rage,As Geyser,Formerly)

Affiliation: S.E.A
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: The Oceanic Hero Rises
Last Appearance: TBA
Number of Episode


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Actor: Seishiro Kato
Kamen Rider Marsh(II)
Kamen Rider Geyser

Mars Rito or Kamen Rider Marsh is one of the main Characters of Kamen Rider Ocean.



Born Aug 1,2001. Mars was a generous man who was also the son of the Legendary Rider, Oceanic Hero S3(Soldier 3) or Kamen Rider Marsh the first. That was until his father went missing.


Mars now helps S.E.A in return to save his father and to find the one who made his father gone missing. However he does not realize that he has already defeated the person who killed his father.


Mars was at first lonely and odd person however due to Luna telling him he's much more. Mars became more energetic and happy.

Powers and Abilities

Martial Art:As Marsh he has the ability to fight anyone with Martial Arts.

Immunity:As Marsh he has the ability of being immune to the Ocian effect much like the other riders.


Kaido Rito- Father

Mizumi Rito- Mother

Luna Kakoy- Girlfriend/Future Wife

Tenkai Rito-Future Son


Salmon Mode:Accessed through the Salmon Capsule, This is Marsh's Default Form. In this form Marsh is Orange.

Lion Mode:Accessed through the Lion Fish Capsule,This is Marsh's Super Form. In this form Marsh is Yellow with Red Stripes.

Geyser Mode:Accessed through the Kraken Capsule, This is Geyser's Default Form. In this form Geyser is Dark Orange.

Movie Exclusive

Hyper Kujira Mode:Accessed through the Kujira(Blue Whale) Capsule,This form is Marsh's Ultimate Form. In this form Marsh is Blue.


Electro Mode:Accessed through the Manta Capsule, This form is Marsh's Special Form. Marsh is Dark Goldenrod.


Ocean Driver-Ocean's transformation device.

Dive Capsules-Ocean's transformation trinkets.


Marsh Tuner-Marsh's Default Weapon.

Marsh Biter-Lion Mode's Weapon.

Geyser Punisher-Geyser's Default Weapon.


Lion Fish Cycle-Rider Machine.


Behind The Scenes


Mars Rito is portrayed by Seishiro Kato.

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