Mari is a supporting character in Kamen Rider Pecos. She is the older sister of Meiko and a student at Cartwright High School


Mari is a rebellious hot-headed teenager who works at the Ikeda Auto Shop. She is often reckless and is known for getting in fights at school and sleeping or gossiping in Ms. Bennett's art class. When she was confronted about her behavior in episode 3, she lashed out saying that learning about things not involving survival is pointless and that humanity is going to end anyway so there was no point in going to school. It was later revealed she was fighting a street gang of young jingoist extremists called the Talons of Freedom. Her fights at school were an attempt to become stronger to protect Meiko from them after they attacked her on her way home from the shop.

When the mysterious hero Kamen Rider Pecos first appeared in front of her,he told her that life has meaning beyond fighting and survival which convinces her to try harder at school. In episode 12, she finally starts to show respect for Ms. Bennett after she took an attack from the Owl Plasmid meant for her and after beating up the Talons alongside her teacher at the end of the episode.

Despite her problematic tendencies at school, she tries her best to be a good sister and is friendly towards her co-workers. She also has a crush on David Ikeda but doesn't want to convey her feelings to him out of fear her boss might fire her.


  • Mari is named after the human identity of Bijinder in the Kikaider 01 tokusatsu series.