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Kamen Rider Zerone
Number: 21 (Chronological)
1 (New Rider Era)
Number of episodes: 45
First episode: Rising Rider
Last episode: Towards the Future
Intro: Rise
Adapted from: Kamen Rider Zero-One
Original airing: September 5, 2020 - July 24, 2021
Producer: Trey-El Ranger
Zerone Poster.png
Production Order
Kamen Rider: Quantum Knight
Kamen Rider Saber
For the series' main character, Zerone, see Lewis Elliott.

Kamen Rider Zerone is an adaption of Kamen Rider Zero-One and the start of a new era for Kamen Riders going forward. It is the first in the New Era set of seasons and the twenty-first overall. The series premiered on September 5, 2020, joining Power Rangers Dinoric KnightsIcon-crosswiki.png in airing after Kamen Rider: Quantum Knight's conclusion. After Dinoric Knights concluded, Zerone was joined by Power Rangers Mage RacersIcon-crosswiki.png on February 6, 2021. After the finale of Kamen Rider Zerone on July 24, 2021, Mage Racers will air alongside Kamen Rider Saber.

The catchphrase for the series is "Rising Past Limits."


23 Year Old studying zoologist Lewis Elliott, via his grandfather's will, is appointed as the new CEO of Elliott Industries, a company that specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) and build humanoid AIs known as Humandroids that have become part of everyday life. Lewis is initially uninterested, Lewis witnesses an attack orchestrated by the cyber-terrorists HackNet, whose actions sparked the creation of the anti-AI military squad, R.I.S.T. to combat the threat. Wanting to protect innocent people and his grandfather's company, Lewis becomes Kamen Rider Zerone and is thrust into a war between himself, R.I.S.T., and HackNet. Things later get more complicated when Elliott Industries' corporate rival, Moirai Enterprises, steps up and causes more problems for Lewis and his company.



Main Riders (Left: Zerone) (Top left to right: Volcanus, Amazon, Horn, and Ark) (Bottom left to right: Hack, Force, Glitch, and Malware)

TV Show

Kamen Rider Zerone Lewis Elliott
Kamen Rider Ark-X
Kamen Rider Volcanus
Mike Ross ►◄ Mike Ross/Maya
Kamen Rider Amazon
Becca Fox
Kamen Rider Hack
Kamen Rider Force
Kamen Rider Glitch
Kamen Rider Horn
Alexander Vasira
Kamen Rider Ark
Ark/(Darren ►◄ Joel ►◄ Saich)
Kamen Rider Malware


Proto Rider Zerone
Lewis Elliott
Kamen Rider Zerotype
Daniel Elliott (alternate)
Kamen Rider Volcanus
Mike Ross (alternate)
Kamen Rider Amazon
Becca Fox (alternate)
Kamen Rider Hack
Joel (alternate)
Kamen Rider Force
Darren (alternate)
Kamen Rider Eden Disen


Elliott Industries


Kamen Riders

Quantum Knight
Caleb Stone
Gate Knight
Dylan Gates
Prophet Knight
Lunar Knight



Mantis Maldroid
Komodo Maldroid
Unloader Humandroid
Rodent Maldroid
Neach Dion
Squid Maldroid
Barber Humandroid
Bat Maldroid
Bus Driver HumandroidTaxi Driver Humandroid
Snail Maldroid
Frog Maldroid
Tori Hudson
Mammoth Maldroid
Coach HHydrant
Dodo Maldroid
Attenmor (Chadan #1 ► Chadan #2 ► Chadan #3) ► MCheck
Arsino Maldroid
Maximum Dodo Maldroid
Attenmor (Chadan #4)
Hyper Dodo Maldroid
Dodrones Various

Ark Maldroids

Ark Maldroid (Mantis)
Mantis Maldroid (Second)
Ark Maldroid (Dodo)
Dodo Maldroid (Second)
Ark Maldroid (Komodo)
Komodo Maldroid (Second)
Ark Maldroid (Bat)
Ark Maldroid (Squid)
Ark Maldroid (Mammoth)
Ark Maldroid (Frog)
Ark Maldroid (Rodent)
Unnamed Humandroid
Ark Maldroid (Arsino)
Unnamed Humandroid

Moirai Enterprises

Buffalo Viraid
Luke Scott
Whale Viraid
Henry Ford
Lion Viraid
Alan Hunter
Penguin Viraid
Noel Masters
Panda Viraid
Patrick Danielson
Jackal Viraid
Becca Fox
Battle Viraids


DemoKnight: Zerone Neo Ann
DemoKnight: One Houra


Main article: Kamen Rider Zerone Episodes

The series is divided into four story arcs, much like an anime/manga series.

  • Episode 1-16: "HackNet" Arc : This arc focuses on the introduction of the main characters and threat of the cyber-terrorist group, HackNet, who seek to bring extinction to the human race. The later episodes of the first arc were a build-up to the upcoming second arc.
  • Episode 17-29: "Workplace Competition" Arc: This arc focuses on Elliott Industries facing their corporate rival, Moirai Enterprises, in a battle for technological supremacy. It also reveals that Moirai’s CEO, Alexander Vasira, has manipulated the whole plot of the first arc for his own sake to take over the world.
  • Episode 30-35: "Elliott Manufacturing" Arc: This arc focuses on Lewis establishing a new company after Moirai’s takeover of Elliott Industries and their continuous attempts to stop him while the four members of HackNet reassemble and plan to attack humanity once more.
  • Episode 36-45: "Ark" Arc: This arc focuses on HackNet's leader, The Ark as Lewis and his allies join forces to stop Kamen Rider Ark from destroying all of humanity.
  1. Rising Rider
  2. Shoot for the Future
  3. Sushi Rush
  4. Dark Past, Enlightened Future
  5. Burning Manga Passion
  6. Thundering Wings
  7. Icy Coach
  8. Poisonous Rise
  9. Breaking Your Fate
  10. Action to the Actor
  11. Don't Stop the Camera
  12. Shining Detective
  13. Unfit Secretary
  14. Astronaut Glitch Assault
  15. Attack on HackNet
  16. Moiraise
  17. Fated Rider
  18. Greener Pastures
  19. This is Your Home
  20. Fate of Your Home
  21. Trials We Face
  22. Dangerous Verdict
  23. I Do
  24. Union
  25. Burning Truths
  26. The Fire Ignites
  27. As Flames Rise
  28. The Final Showdown
  29. Full Rampage
  30. Determined Rider
  31. Burning Dreams
  32. Runway Passions
  33. Resignation
  34. HackNet Rises Again
  35. Dreams of Darren
  36. Satellite Rider
  37. HackNet Unstoppable
  38. Our Fate
  39. Conclusions
  40. Final Rise To My Dream
  41. As a Father
  42. Never-ending Malice
  43. Corruption Rising
  44. The Inevitable War
  45. Towards the Future


  1. Kamen Rider Zerone & Quantum Knight: The New Era
  2. Kamen Rider Zerone: The Rise of Eden



  • Zerone's name is a combination of the numbers Zero and One.
    • This is also a shout out to the source material, Zero-One.
  • Zerone is the first Rider to be called 'Kamen Rider' as the 20 previous Riders were referred by 'Knight' after a word pertaining to their abilities.
  • The Zerone Riders have the most starting belts with a total of 3.
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