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This article is about a/an fanfictional series entry (the 33nd) in the Kamen Rider Series.
Red alert.jpg WARNING: This series contains scenes of blood, bloodshed, mild language, graphic violence, gun violence, scary image and character death. Viewer discretion is advised!
Kamen Rider XVII.jpg
Kamen Rider XVII
Number: 33
4 (Reiwa)
Number of episodes: TBA
First episode: The Space Warrior XVII
Last episode: Forever XVII
Intro: TBA
Adapted from: Power Rider XV2
Original airing: July 24, 2022 - 2023
Producer: Toei Company
Adness Entertainment
Cartoon Network Studios
Production Order
Kamen Rider Revice
Kamen Rider Victory

Kamen Rider XVII (仮面ライダーXVII, Kamen raidā XVII) is the upcoming Japanese Tokusatsu drama in the Reiwa Series in 2022. From the tv series Daitetsujin 17, Uchuu Tetsujin Kyodain & Kamen Rider Fourze & Also the movie called Kamen Rider Fourze the Movie: Space, Here We Come! The series premiered on July 24, 2022. Kamen Rider XVII has joining Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger in the Super Hero TimeIcon-crosswiki.png line-up after the final episode of Kamen Rider Revice. The Reiwa Rider Era Series in 2022.


In the world in peril. In the city of Tokyo, Japan. The COVID-19 will infects people within the disease through out the world. In the human race for survival. All around the globe. The Coronavirus disease is very bad or worst. But only one who will cure the the C-19 outbreak? The JCDC. The Japan Center for Disease Control and Pervention. They will cure people against the C-19 outbreak. They will use these vaccines and to cure people with shots. The Corona Virus has been sealed in the safe box. Then there's a flying saucer is landing. The Coronazoids are here to steal the virus and creating monsters and army to destroy all mankind. In space. There is human in a space shuttle called Space-X Shuttle aka Exodius. One hero who go to space look in the stars. But there is a look who has found it. The Satellite Weapon called The XVII. This ship is huge in space. He sees everything. Weapons, Robots and More. This is the Brain. He controls these enemies. The space human who talks to him. The Brain is the only one who can stop the coronazoids. The brain will creating belt called XVII Driver. It has a Mass Brain System. He will transform into rider who fights for justice. He will go to the planet earth and the coronazoids are coming back against the new reiwa rider will emerge to protect the world. The New Reiwa Rider! They called him... Kamen Rider XVII!


Kento Nagasawa/Kamen Rider XVII
Tenku Kasumi/Kamen Rider Swamp
Ishrio Kentuo/Kamen Rider Grundy
Kanara Rinasuka/Kamen Rider Corona





  • XVII is the Fourth Reiwa Rider to be from The Rider Extraterrestrial Origin from Kamen Rider Ichigo, Fourze, Build and to Kamen Rider Zi-O. This Space Warrior to fight to save the world.
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