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"When one survives, the other dies."
―Series tagline[src]

Kamen Rider Streams is the third installation in Maharaja O Earth's Kamen Rider Series. It serves as the sequel of Kamen Rider Dev. This series' motif is water bodies, particularly rivers.


To avoid major spoilers for Kamen Rider Dev, the plot details will be added once the said series ends.


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Stream Ganges
Nancy Stewart
Kamen Rider Stream Nile
Dennis Vivek
Kamen Rider Stream Missouri
Anant Mehra
Kamen Rider Stream Shinano
GDF Soldiers


  • Global Defense Force
    • Captain Shinjiro Tokiwa
    • George Stewart
    • Veer Mehra
Kamen Rider Dev
Raj Singh



  • Chapter 1: The Invasion Against Nature
  • Chapter 2: The Revival Of Fear
  • Chapter 3: The Soldiers Of Hope
  • Chapter 4: The Champion Of Life
  • Chapter 6: The Faith In Humanity
  • Chapter 7: The Violence Of Fate
  • Chapter 8: The Beginning Of Extinction
  • Chapter 9: The Return Of The Savior
  • Chapter 10: The Oath To Protect