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This article is about a/an fanfictional series entry (the 33rd) in the Kamen Rider Series.

For the other series of the similar name created by RB-Man, see Kamen Rider Shinsei.
For the series' main character, Kamen Rider Shinsei, see Kyuta Hoshizawa.

Kamen Rider Shinsei (仮面ライダー新生[忍星] Kamen Raidā Shinsei?) is a Japanese tokusatsu drama in the Kamen Rider series by Toei Company and Ishimori Productions. It is the fourth series to air in the Reiwa period run and the thirty-third overall. The series premiered on September 4, 2022, joining TBA in the Super Hero Time line-up after the finale of Kamen Rider Revice.

The catchphrase for the series is We are not Aliens, We are cosmic Shinobi! (私たちはエイリアンではなく、宇宙の忍者です Watashitachiha eiriande wa naku, uchū shinobidesu?)

The Series Main Motifs are Constellations, Stars, Animals, Disks & Ninjas.


12 Years Ago, An Incident known as the Izanagi Comet Collision nearly caused all of Ryūsei City to get destroyed while also altering the memories of the victims who survived causing them to only remember their real names and ages. Fast Forward to 2022, Kyuta Hoshizawa is a 22-Year-Old Astrologist who works at Tentai Technologies but that isn't the only thing he deals with, as he is also the identity of Kamen Rider Shinsei, A Constellation Shinobi-Themed Kamen Rider who pledges to finish the work of defeating the Ginins left over by his late-idol, Kosuke Tsukida unaware of his true relationship with him.


Kamen Riders

TV Show

Kamen Rider Shinsei
Kyuta Hoshizawa
Kamen Rider Orion
Yūsei Amanogawa
Kamen Rider Solaris
Seina Furukawa
Kamen Rider Scorpius
Kamen Rider Helios
Tetsuya Kagawa
Kamen Rider Kreios


Kamen Rider Argos
Kamen Rider Astraios
Kotaro Ishikawa
Kamen Rider Hyperion
Kamen Rider Apollyon
Hiroki Kaneda/Scorpius


Tentai Technologies

Mizuki Kushida.

Aoi Iwamoto.

Hiroki Kaneda.

Asami Kaneda.



Lynx Ginin
Lyra Ginin
Seiryu Ginin

Rookie Ginins

Lupus Ginin
Garu Takahashi(Ep 1-2)
Hercules Ginin
Keita Hashimoto(Ep 3-4)
Lacerta Ginin
Yuichi Matsuda(Ep 5-6)
Andromeda Ginin
Mina Okamoto(Ep 7-8)
Volans Ginin
Unnamed Delivery Man(Ep 9)
Ōguma Ginin
Yamato Hamasaki(Ep 10)
Chameleon Ginin
Hideo Nakashima(Ep 11-12)


Byakko Ginin
Kazuki Ueda


Suzaku Ginin
Akira Hirano


Musca Ginins


Similar to the previous Heisei and Reiwa Series, the series itself is divided into five Arcs:

  • Episode 1-16 - Arc I: Ryusei City Defense Arc.
  • Episode 17-26 - Arc II: Gesshoku Infiltration Arc.
  • Episode 27-35 - Arc III: Shingetsu Revolution Arc.
  • Episode 36-42 - Arc IV: Kreios Domination Arc.
  • Episode 43-49 - Arc V: Ginins Assault Arc.
  1. The Cosmic Ninja:Enter Shinsei!
  2. The Phantom Hunter:Howl Of The Wolf!
  3. The Aquatic Kunoichi:Strengths Of A Ninja!
  4. The Azure Dragon:Durabilities Of A Shinobi!
  5. The Maiden’s Tale:Lizard From Below!
  6. The Unbreakable Hunter:Shared Discoveries!
  7. The Chained Princess:Knight Of Pure Energy!
  8. The Blazing Virago:A New Enemy Appears!
  9. The Poisonous Ginin:The One Called Scorpius!
  10. The Laboratory Break-In:Visit To Gesshoku City!
  11. The Runaway Phantom:A Case To Be Solved!
  12. The Hidden Secret:Unravelling The Mystery!
  13. The Dragonic Mastermind:Out Of The Shadows!
  14. The Unbelievable Revelation:Betrayal Of An Old Friend!
  15. The Inconceivable Truth:False Memories Of A Ninja!
  16. The Broken Hero:Courage Of A Shinobi!
  17. The Gesshoku Takeover:Rise Of A New Order!
  18. The Gesshoku Guardian:The Shinobi Named Helios!
  19. The Pending Deal:Orion’s Two-Sided Choice!
  20. The Baron Minotaur:Monarch Of The Stars!
  21. The Hazardous Hunt:Deadly Weapon, Unleashed!
  22. The Forbidden Power:Fears Of A Shinobi!
  23. The Frightened Hero:Shinsei’s Lost Will!
  24. The Forgotten Past:Helios’s True Objective!
  25. The White Tiger:Gesshoku’s Ideologies!
  26. The Controllable Justice:Bravery Of A Hero!
  27. The Shingetsu Invasion:Dawn Of A New Age!
  28. The Impassable Offer:A Shinobi’s Resolve!
  29. The Settled Decision:Shingetsu’s First Match!
  30. The Flaming Ginin:Helios Against Suzaku!
  31. The Greatest Tag-Team Duo:Orion And Solaris!
  32. The Cosmic Hunter:Orion’s True Powers Awaken!
  33. The Immortal Warrior:Cosmos Stage Ascends!
  34. The Forthcoming Match:Road To The Final Stage!
  35. The Decisive Conclusion:Shinsei’s Last Stand!
  36. The Nightmarish Boss:An Old Darkness Re-Emerged!
  37. The Captured Governor:A Leader’s Final Decision!
  38. Nisshoku’s New Ruler:Kreios Takes Charge!
  39. The Fallen Hero:Kreios’s Next Plan!
  40. The Ultimate Power:Indomitable Force Arises!
  41. The Initiating Onslaught:Apocalypse Begins!
  42. The Final Target:Kreios’s Last End!  
  43. The Next Advent:Scorpius’s Opening Assault!
  44. The Untrusting Allies:A Shinobi’s True Motives!
  45. The Sacrificial Assassin:Goodbye Lynx!
  46. A Kunoichi’s End:Farewell, Lyra!
  47. The Absolute Judgement:Nisshoku’s Final Hours!
  48. The Last Survivor:Shinobi’s Or Aliens?
  49. A Galaxy's Ending:To The Future Of Shinobi!


  1. Kamen Rider Reiwa:Nexus Heroes
  2. Kamen Rider Shinsei The Movie:Nisshoku Wars
  3. Kamen Rider Shinsei LEGACY


  1. Kamen Rider Shinsei:Cross Games!
  2. Kamen Rider Shinsei Episode ZERO
  3. Kamen Rider Shinsei Gaiden:Kamen Rider Apollyon


  • The Name Shinsei (忍星?) comes from both the English Word:Shinobi and the Japanese Word for Constellation:Seiza, it may also be a pun on the word Shinsei (新星 or 新生?) which can either mean Nova or Rebirth.
  • Kamen Rider Shinsei borrows aesthetics from Kamen Rider Shinobi while also combining him with Astrology(specifically constellations).