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This article is about a/an adaption show in the Kamen Rider Series.

For the series' main character, Saber, see Lance Blaze.

Kamen Rider Saber is an adaption of Kamen Rider Saber. It is the second season in the New Era series and the thirty-first overall. The series will premiered on September 4, 2021, joining Power Rangers Mage RacersIcon-crosswiki.png in airing after Kamen Rider Zerone's conclusion. After Mage Racers ended on December 18, 2021, Saber was joined by Power Rangers Gear SurgeIcon-crosswiki.png in airing. After the finale of Kamen Rider Saber, Gear Surge will air alongside Kamen Rider Animalia.

The catchphrase for the series is "He will decide the ending of this story..."

The series motif is swords, knights and books.


Over the centuries, the legends of the world were collected within the Encyclo Tale, a book that held together not only these legends, but the very fabric of the normal world and a mythical dimension named Talestia. To defend the sacred book, the Knights of Talestia were founded, made up of swordsmen chosen by the Holy Sabers. This world then fell into chaos when a traitor joined forces with the dreaded Eada and attacked their former home, seeking to claim the power of the Encyclo Tale and rewrite history. During the battle, the pages of the Encyclo Tale were scattered across the human world and Talestia.

In present day, rising author and bookstore owner Lance Blaze becomes wrapped into the restarted war between the Knights and the Eada to gather the Encyclo Tale, which causes people and places to be lost between Talestia and the normal world. However, Lance transforms into Kamen Rider Saber, one of the legendary swordsmen and intends to prevent the Eada from acquiring the Encyclo Tale and rewriting history.


Kamen Riders

The 10 Holy Saber Riders (From left to right): Drager, Radia, Genbun, Volt, Jinken, Chime, Saber, Mistia, Pride, Timerdal

TV Show

Kamen Rider Saber Cadmus GandorLance Blaze
Kamen Rider Pride Leo WatkinsNoel Knight
Kamen Rider Volt Alistair Bolton
Kamen Rider Genbun Caesar Landon
Kamen Rider Jinken Shino Valia
Kamen Rider Chime Jestro
Kamen Rider Drager Long BoltonMyla (Other users)
Kamen Rider Paragon ImmortusDizas
Kamen Rider Radia Luceo
Kamen Rider Mistia Rita Emerson
Kamen Rider Timerdal Tyler Emerson
Kamen Rider Ruledge Solomon
Kamen Rider Conclude Qisa


Kamen Rider Volt
Flash Sparks
Kamen Rider Jinken Gail Kane

Movie Exclusive

Kamen Rider Beyonder TBA
Kamen Rider Paragon Jordan Stone


Team Saber

Knights of Talestia

  • Jestro's Grandfather
  • Shino's Mentor
  • 4 High-Ranking Sages
  • Several Unnamed Swordsmen


Kamen Riders

Masked Rider One Henry Wells
Kamen Rider Anima T.J. Carter
Kamen Rider Malia Saurex
Kamen Rider Diurn Jacob Carter
Kamen Rider Strike Tasha Carter
Kamen Rider Aranea Aidan Morgan



Sage Lords
Sage Lord Spartan Spartan
Sage Lord Dash Dash
Sage Lord Pierre Pierre
Sage Lord Nito Nito


Main article: Kamen Rider Saber Episodes
  1. The Swordsman of Fire
  2. A Water Swordsman with a Blue Lion
  3. A Father and Earth Swordsman
  4. Open Books
  5. My Friend, The Lightning Swordsman
  6. Ride Like the Wind Jinken
  7. The King Sword in Avalon
  8. The Sealed Power of the King
  9. Ring the Bell, The Sound Swordsman has Arrived
  10. The True Swordsman of Darkness
  11. Confused Thunder and the Dark King
  12. The Promise
  13. The Fury of the Flames
  14. Rushing Waves of Pain
  15. Truth Hidden in Flames
  16. Light From Avalon
  17. The Shadow of the Light
  18. Resolve of the Flame
  19. Clash of the Sound and the Flame
  20. Angered Winds
  21. The Shining Issue
  22. Fight to Protect
  23. Dragonic Hand of Fury
  24. A Father's Burden
  25. The Swordswoman of Smoke
  26. Darkened Thunder
  27. The Emotional Element
  28. Rough Winds
  29. The Time Swordsman of the Deep
  30. Lionhearted Swordsman
  31. Believe in Your Strength
  32. Invasions and the Unleashed Blizzard
  33. Futures Never Set
  34. Return of the Immortal
  35. Event of Returns
  36. The Rider of Omniscience
  37. Advent of a Dark Future
  38. The Holy Saber of the Galaxy
  39. Follow the Path of Your Blade
  40. True Power of the Three Blades
  41. Truth of 2000 Years
  42. The Final Act Begins
  43. Clash of Existence
  44. Open the Final Chapter
  45. Climb to Save
  46. The Last Page
  47. A Story's Conclusion


  1. Kamen Rider Saber and the Immortal Swordsman
  2. Kamen Rider Saber: Three Blades Crossed
  3. Kamen Rider: Neo Generations


  1. Kamen Rider Saber: Northern Base Rider Saga



  • This is the first time a series adaption has matched the name of its source material exactly.

Talestia Letter Key

  • The special text featured prominently throughout the show (most notably in the Ride Books) is, in fact, letters of the Latin alphabet turned 90° counter-clockwise.

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