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Kamen Rider Persona
Number: 31
2 (Reiwa)
Number of episodes: TBA
First episode: Heart Awakening ☆ My Name is Joker
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Original airing: September 13, 2020
Producer: Toei Company
PurFox Studios
Author: PurFox
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Production Order
Kamen Rider Deku
For the series' main character, Persona, see Ren Amamiya.

Kamen Rider Persona (仮面ライダーペルソナ Kamen Raidā Perusona?) is a Japanese tokusatsu/anime drama in Toei Company's Kamen Rider Series. It's the second series in the Reiwa era, the thirty-first series overall, as well a joint collaboration between Toei, Atlus, CloverWorks and PurFox Studios.

The series is set to start on September 13, 2020, joining Senjuu Sentai WildrangerIcon-crosswiki in the Super Hero TimeIcon-crosswiki line-up after the finale of Kamen Rider Deku.

Similar to its predecessor, this series is a crossover between the Kamen Rider series, the Megami Tensei franchise and the 2016 videogame Persona 5, with the motif of this series being thieves and hearts. The tagline of the show is "Awake your Heart of Justice" (正義の心を呼び覚ます Seigi no Kokoro o Yobisamasu).


In a world where adults are corrupted, greedy and power hungry, the student Ren Amamiya and his friends Ryuji Sakamoto and Ann Takamaki awake their Personas during a particular incident, plus forming the group known as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, in order to redeem and reform the hearts of the corrupted adults. Aside from gaining the ability to summon their respective Personas, they also gain the ability to transform into powerful, masked warriors of justice known as the Kamen Riders, to fight more powerful enemies.

When something weird and corrupted happens in the city of Tokyo, the Phantoms are there to reform the dark hearts of corrupted adults and protect the civilians from the Shadows. Let the curtain rise for this grand and mysterious story!


Kamen Riders

TV Show

KR Persona - Main Riders

Phantom Riders (From left to right: Panther, Persona and Ryuji)

Kamen Rider Persona
Ren Amamiya
Kamen Rider Ryuji
Ryuji Sakamoto
Kamen Rider Panther
Ann Takamaki
Kamen Rider Fox
Yusuke Kitagawa


Café Leblanc


Captain Kidd
Captain Kidd

Shujin Academy

Velvet Room

Tokyo District Special Investigation Department


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Deku
Izuku Midoriya


Kamoshida's Palace


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  1. Heart Awakening ☆ My Name is Joker (心の目覚め ☆ 私の名前はジョーカーです Kokoro no Mezame ☆ Watashi no Namae wa Jōkā desu)


  1. Kamen Rider Reiwa Generations Ultra Royal: Persona × Deku (仮面ライダー 令和ジェネレーションズ ウルトラ・ロイヤル ペルソナ×デク Kamen Raidā Reiwa Jenerēshonzu Urutora Roiyaru: Perusona × Deku)


  1. Kamen Rider Persona Special Preceding Video: Day Breakers (仮面ライダーペルソナ 特別先行動画 デイ・ブレイカーズ Kamen Raidā Perusona Tokubetsu Senkō Dōga: Dei Bureikāzu)


Motion Capture Stunt Actors


  • Kamen Rider Persona is the first series:
    • to have an Phantom Thief motif, however, the Main Rider isn't the first Kamen Rider with a Phantom Thief motif, that title actually goes to both Diend and Lupin.
    • to be based on a videogame franchise rather than an Anime series, although the Persona and by extension, the Megami Tensei franchise also counts as an Anime franchise.
    • since Kamen Rider Ryuki where the Riders summon monsters or supernatural creatures (in this case, the Personas) to aid them in battle.
  • The series was originally supposed to be called "Kamen Rider Genji" (仮面ライダーゲンジ Kamen Raidā Genji?) and was intended to be a crossover between the Kamen Rider franchise and the 2016 game Overwatch. However, this was cancelled due to the creator's decision.
  • This is the first season to use the new Kamen Rider logo, first introduced during the announcement of the Kamen Rider Store. Kamen Rider Deku still remains as the final season to use the classic Kamen Rider Series logo.
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