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Kamen Rider Ocean
Number: 31
2 (Reiwa)
Number of episodes: 49
First episode: The Oceanic Hero Rises!
Last episode: Dive Deep Towards The Future!
Intro: KyouDive!
Original airing: Sept 6,2020-Aug 29,2021
Producer: Toei Company
Author: RiderGold98
Production Order
[Kamen Rider Zero-One]
Kamen Rider Seiza
For the series' main character, Kamen Rider Ocean, see Kivan Armada.

Kamen Rider Ocean (仮面ライダーオーシャン Kamen Raidā Ōshan?) is a Japanese tokusatsu drama in the Kamen Rider series by Toei Company and Ishimori Productions. It is the second series to air in the Reiwa period run and the thirty-first overall. The series premiered on September 6, 2020, joining Mashin Sentai Kirameiger in the Super Hero Time line-up after the finale of Kamen Rider Zero-One. The Series can also be shown to commemorate the Kamen Rider Series' 50th Anniversary.

The catchphrase for the series is "Dive Deep Towards The Next Wave" (次の波に向けて深く潜る Tsugi no nami ni mukete fukaku moguru?)

The Series' Main Motif is Wetlands,Sea Creature And Marine Life.


11 years ago, a man named Kai Armada was working on research about The Black Flood, a dangerous flood where oceanic creatures known as the Ociants would rise up and take over the land. Now, 5 Riders must join together to stop The Black Flood from happening again. Can they succeed in this new war?


Kamen Riders

TV Show

Kamen Rider Ocean
Kivan Armada
Kamen Rider Stream
Ken Armada
Kamen Rider Triton
Kamen Rider Bog
Raido Sakuro
Kamen Rider Marsh
Mars Rito
Kamen Rider Geyser
Mars Rito
Kamen Rider Ocean Abyss
Yuda Ultora
Kamen Rider Swamp
Jiro Yami
Kamen Rider Reef
Gin Haruko


Kamen Rider Ark-Ocean
Shio Shinkai
Kamen Rider Marine
Con Nakama
Kamen Rider Next Ocean
Kiriyo Armada
Kamen Rider Neo Marsh
Tenkai Rito


S.E.A(Secret Economic Agency)

Kiyomi Karuta

Luna Kakoy

Reito Karuta(CEO)

Tia Nozomu(Secretary)

S.E.A Agents







Former S.E.A Agents.

Kamen Rider Reef
Gin Haruko



Hydra Ociant
Kamen Rider Hydra

Commanders And Generals

Kamen Rider Plesio
Kamen Rider Reef
Gin Haruko
Kamen Rider Triton
Kamen Rider Bog
Raido Sakuro(Facade)
Kamen Rider Ocean Abyss
Yuda Ultora
Kamen Rider Swamp
Jiro Yami
Angler Ociant
Hammer Ociant
Queen Coral Ociant
Luna Kakoy(Former)


Coral Ociants

Tsunami Corp

Mosa Ociant


Kamen Rider Bog
Raido Sakuro
Starfish Ociant


Kamen Rider Proto-Ocean
Kai Armada
Kamen Rider Zero-Marsh
Kaido Rito
Viper Ociant
Yudo Ultora
Jodo Katsuya


The Series Is Separated Into Different Arcs.

Arc 1:"Ocian Invasion" Arc

1:The Oceanic Hero Rises!

2:My Brother's A Kamen Rider?!

3:The One They Call, Triton


5:The Thief Who Steals Memories

6:The Ones Who Returns Memories

7:The Beauty And The Beat

8:The Rider Who Catches Beats

9:The Man Who Worked For S.E.A

10:The Brains And The Bronze

11:Rim's New Friend Is An Ociant?!

12:The Voice Of A Friend

13:The Ociant Who Controls Mankind

14:The Hero Who Surges With Powers

15:Oceanic Ambush

16:A Hero's Last Stand

Arc 2:"Tsunami Corp Takeover" Arc

17:The Dawn Of A New Stage

18:The Man Who Claims To Be A Kamen Rider

19:The Girl Who Loves The Agent

20:The Love Is In The Sea

21:The Man With A Cold Heart

22:The Animal With Intense Powers

23:The Lost Voltage Of Umi City

24:The Mysterious Rider Called Geyser

25:The Ociant Who Imitates All

26:An Ociant's True Wish?

27:Freeing Marsh's Anger

28:S.E.A Vs Tsunami Corp:The Final Showdown

Arc 3:"Hydra's Resurrection" Arc.

29:What Is Plesio's True Intentions?

30:Ocean & Bog:The Power Of Redemption

31:Who Is Ken Really?

32:Stream's True Powers

33:The Return Of An Old Foe

34:Full Redemption! Swamp & Ocean:Together As One

35:Plesio's Last Straw, An Ocian's Full Power

36:Reawaken! Hydra's Full Return

37:What Is Yuda's True Wish?

38:The Mad Rider Returns

39:Dead Or Alive, A Hero's Ultimate Wish

40:Revive! The Rise Of Ultimate Powers

Arc 4:"Hydra's Final Plan" Arc.

41:What Is Gin Fighting For?

42:True Redemption! Reef's Ultimate Wish

43:What Is The Black Flood Really?

44:An Ociant's Final Wish

45:Fate! A Lover's Last Desire

46:Never-Ending Destiny

47:Apocalypse! The Black Flood Revives

48:A Hero's Last Wish

49:Dive Deep Towards The Future!


1:Kamen Rider:Reiwa 2:The Next Wave

2:Kamen Rider Ocean The Movie:KyouDive! Deep Towards Atlantis

3:Kamen Rider:Reiwa Generations Cosmic

4:Kamen Rider Ocean STORIES

  1. Kamen Rider Stream
  2. Kamen Rider Marsh


1:Kamen Rider Ocean:Transformation Lessons

2:Kamen Rider Ocean:Let's Begin The Next Wave

3:Kamen Rider Ocean:Let's Go!! Oceanic Rider Kick!

4:Ocean ORIGINS:Kamen Rider Reef

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