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Kamen Rider Miyage (仮面ライダー土産(ミヤゲ) Kamen Raidā Miyage?, lit. Masked Rider Gift) is a Japanese tokusatsu fan-adaptation of the Kamen Rider Series created by Shotaro Ishinomori, written and directed by YumeNoOboe, and produced by Ishimori Productions and Toei Company.

It is part of the eighth set of EX-series to be produced in the Reiwa era, and the eighth main series in the Mirai-Reiwa period. The series premiered in 2027, joining TBA., TBA. and TBA. in the Mirai-Reiwa Super Hero Time line-up.

The catchphrase of the series is "Uncover the mystery and find the truth!" (謎を解明し、真実を見つけてください! Nazo o kaimei shi, shinjitsu o mitsukete kudasai!?) The series' main theme is the concept of "gifts" (土産 Miyage?).



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