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Kamen Rider Jurassic
Number: 2 (Rekka Era)
Number of episodes: 32
 ? movies
 ? specials
First episode: The Roar of Hero!
Last episode: ???
Intro: ???
Original airing: 2021
Producer: Noah Nairdeal
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Production Order
Kamen Rider Pyrus
For the series' main character, Jurassic, see ???.

Kamen Rider Jurassic (仮面ライダージュラシック Kamen Raidā Jurashikku?) is Japanese fanfiction Kamen Rider series crossover with Marvel Comics Secret Invasion series and with dinosaurus as main theme created by Noah Nairdeal. It is the second series to debut during the Rekka period.

The series is based on Neo-Heisei style Kamen Riders and dino themed Power Rangers franchise. Riders represent individual emergency services and similar patrol forces. The series main hero is ??? and kaijin are called Silurians.

The series first season taglines are "In charge for rescue! (救助担当! Kyūjo tantō!?)", and the second season tagline is "Who do you trust? (誰を信頼しますか? Dare o shinrai shimasu ka??)"



10 years ago, the emergence of a mysterious zone called Tartarus brought forth a catastrophe that would forever change the country. In the years following the Tartaros Disaster, the rising of the Tartaros created a series of unidentified monsters known as Silurians that relentlessly attack the public. Responsibility for these events is attributed to an eco-terrorist called Kamen Rider Pangaea. To combat this chaos, the government requested the special rescue forces, and gives them Kamen Rider powers. One of them is a firefighter who discovers during the mission that Tartaros is inhabited by dinosaurs.


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Jurassic Adrian Dragneel
Kamen Rider Triassic Angelika Scarlet
Kamen Rider Cretaceous Luke Blaze
Kamen Rider Cambrian Kamen Rider Cambrian
Kamen Rider Carbon Kamen Rider Carbon
Kamen Rider Pangaea Kamen Rider Pangaea
Kamen Rider Glacial Kamen Rider Glacial
Kamen Rider Paleozoic Kamen Rider Paleozoic
Kamen Rider Cenozoic Kamen Rider Cenozoic
Kamen Rider Mesozoic Kamen Rider Mesozoic

TV Show



Special Rescue Force


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League of Shadows

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  • Allosaurus Silurian
  • Oviraptor Silurian


Kamen Rider Jurassic story is divided into seasons just like TV series:

  1. The Roar of Hero! (英雄の咆哮! Eiyū no hōkō!?)
  2. The Justice of Stegochi! (ステゴチの正義! Sutegochi no seigi!?)
  3. The Doctor's Flight! (医師のフライト ! Ishi no furaito!?)
  4. The League of Shadows! (影のリーグ! Kage no rīgu!?)
  5. The Firefighter Strike! (消防士ストライキ! Shōbō-shi sutoraiki!?)


  1. ??? (??? ????)


  1. ??? (??? ????)


  • Series logo is based on Jurassic Park series.
  • First generation of Riders is based on Marvel comics series.
  • Characters apparance is based on Fire Force anime.
  • Kaijin are based on the myth of the Reptilian humanoid, race of Silurian from Doctor Who and race of Skrulls from Marvel Comics.
  • The main antagonist group is based on League of Assassins a group of fictional villains appearing in comic books published by DC Comics.
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