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Kamen Rider Fierce is a tokusatsu drama produced by Toei and the unofficial sucessor of Kamen Rider Gaimu.


Arata Fubuki is a careless, happy-go-lucky teenager with a pretty mundane and average lifestyle. His parents were killed in a suprise attack by some mutants called "Fear Cats" , which thrive on the spirits of good human beings; leaving him as the sole survivor of the massacre. Arata has then been left in the care of his parents' aged close friend, Daisuke Masamune, a formerly well-known martial artist and sensei of a martial arts dojo. What Arata doesn't know is that Daisuke is no ordinary sensei and that the martial arts being taught at this dojo isn't some type of "normal" martial art, but a rare, ancient one that has been hidden away for centuries, which focuses on the ability of shape-shifting and "spirit control". Daisuke has been teaching this art for sometime now; in search of a new hero to save the entire world from the Fear Cats...And a belt happens to choose Arata for the job?! How will Arata face these obstacles that lie in his way? Will his life stay mundane and average for long? This is the story of Arata as he fights as Kamen Rider Fierce through many obstacles and life, as he saves the world from near-destruction day by day...



Kamen Rider Fierce- Arata Fubuki

Kamen Rider Explosion- Masahiro Kureshima

Kamen Rider Solaris- Yosiko Masamune


Daisuke Masamune

Dr. Megumi Kureshima

Sui Hayakawa



Master Fear

Tigeress- Fumina

Siren- Yuu

Wolf- Ren

Skeleton- Ken

Kamen Rider Fear- Aka


1. The Ancient Belt...Arata's the Chosen Savior?!

2. Henshin! The Fierceful Battle Has Now Begun!

3. Sinister Plot! Is This the Last Battle?!

4. Learning the Technique...How Long Will This Take?!

5. Henshin! Eh?!...Yosiko's a Rider Too?!

6. Time Travel! A Trip to Arata's Past: Part 1

7. Time Travel! A Trip to Arata's Past: Part 2

8. W~ The Warm Welcome to...Fuuto?!

9. Body Switch! How Do We Get Out of This?!

10. He's Appeared! ...Another Rider?!