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Only series that are fully completed and are published on this wiki will be allowed. Series that are solely published on outside sites (i.e. Fanfiction.net) will not be chosen regardless of votes. Series that have no links to the pages will be classified as non-existent and removed from the selection.

After each month, a new selection of series will be published and all previous candidates will be wiped to restart the monthly selection. Candidates that didn't win may be put forward again for an infinite number of times. Winners are not permitted to be put forward for a second time.

Nominations begin the 1st of every month and last until the 15th of every month, by which then a StrawPoll will be linked at the bottom of the page and every user will only be allowed to vote for one series only.

In the event of a tie, a one-week tiebreaker poll featuring the tied series' will be released on the first of the following month (when a winner would normally be revealed). As with the regular polls, every user will only be allowed to vote for one series only. A series that's part of a tiebreaker poll cannot be put forward while the poll is active.

Once every November, the past 10 series from the current year and the last two series of the previous year (November and December) are put into a poll and voted on to see what series will become the Featured Series of the Year.


Name: Bob

Series: Steve's Series

Creator: Steve

How old is the series: 1 day

Brief Synopsis: A one-paragraph description of the series, at most. (NOTE: If your current series synopsis already meets this requirement, then simply copy and paste it here and you'll be good to go.)


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Submitting nominations will begin the 1st of every month @ 12 am PT.
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Series Nominees

Kamen Rider Highbreed

Name: Triagusns.saga

Series: Kamen Rider Highbreed

Creator: Triagusns.saga

How old is the series: 3 years 3 months

Brief Synopsis: The life of a Kamen Rider otaku has changed after he saved a girl from a group of monsters. His dream of becoming a Kamen Rider comes true. Using the Hybrid Driver and the Ridejects, he can combine the power of two Kamen Riders to become Kamen Rider Highbreed.

But this transformation also means that there is something about his past he doesn't know...

Hasbro's Demon Warriors

Name: RangerMomento

Series: Hasbro's Demon Warriors

Creator: RangerMomento

How old is the series: 5 months

Brief Synopsis: An organization known simply as The Dealership is an evil group that sells their nefarious services to humans and through the use of the mysterious Demon Stamps, heartless monsters known as D-Droids are born from within the human's heart and will do whatever it takes to make their contract owners greedy and selfish desires come true by any means necessary! They also use the stamps they collect to find and locate the suitable vessels that they need in order to be able to revive their master, Lord Zorgaroth.

However, one hero stands in their way to protect the world and he himself has a contract with Vice, a kind hearted, wise cracking and 4th wall breaking D-Droid that lives within his body. Can James and Vice save the day or will The Dealership conquer all?

Kamen Rider Dev

Name: Maharaja O Earth

Series: Kamen Rider Dev

Creator: Maharaja O Earth

How old is the series: About 8 months (Since May 23, 2021; ongoing series)

Brief Synopsis: The Global Defense Force, or GDF for short, was formed the UN with the help of the allied nations in order to bring peace to the world. People throughout the world have joined it to protect themselves from worldwide threats.

In hopes of bringing forth an evolutionary change in humans throughout the world, the evil organization Dark Jugglus was formed, which has chosen the path of terrorism to achieve its goals.

Raj, an empathetic and emotionally sensitive man with a strong sense of justice, is a soldier and technician at the GDF. Tired of being unable to protect several beings, Raj falls into depression, but is contacted by the Tridev, the three who run the universe, and is granted the powers to do what he always wanted to, to protect innocents and slay all evil.

Kamen Rider Densho

  • Series Age: 54 days (created November 15, 2021, submitted January 8, 2022)
  • Brief Synopsis: In a world where the legend of the Kamen Riders are mere fiction, a high-schooler suddenly gains the ability to transform, blurring the lines of reality and fiction. Carving the lore of the Kamen Riders, with the help of those who have fought before him, he will become a hero of justice, Kamen Rider... Densho!

Kamen Rider NXT

  • Name: User:Darth Paul
  • Series: Kamen Rider NXT
  • Creator: User:HackerEX
  • How old is the series: 8 months.
  • Brief Synopsis: It was supposed to be a simple year as troublemaker Alex Rylander moved in with his uncle Kevin Keene by the request of his caretaker. However things aren't as always what they seem when he ends up encountering a monstrous version of Super Mario known as a Puppet Fighter. With the power of the Cyber Gears, it's up to him to rise up and save his world from being reduced to a world of spirits.