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"Don't let an innocent die! Don't let a guilty live!"
―Series tagline[src]

Kamen Rider Dev (कामेन राइडर देव) is the first installment in Maharaja O Earth's Kamen Rider series, based on the original Kamen Rider series produced by Toei Company, Ltd. This series is based on mythologies and gods, mainly the Hindu mythology.

The series is currently ongoing. It will be published at Wattpad following its conclusion.


The Global Defense Force, or GDF for short, was formed the UN with the help of the allied nations in order to bring peace to the world. People throughout the world have joined it to protect themselves from worldwide threats.

In hopes of bringing forth an evolutionary change in humans throughout the world, the evil organization Dark Jugglus was formed, which has chosen the path of terrorism to achieve its goals.

Raj, an empathetic and emotionally sensitive man with a strong sense of justice, is a soldier and technician at the GDF. Tired of being unable to protect several beings, Raj falls into depression, but is contacted by the Tridev, the three who run the universe, and is granted the powers to do what he always wanted to, to protect innocents and slay all evil.


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Dev
Raj Singh
Kamen Rider Drukong
Shang Jin
Kamen Rider Zenikari
Hikari Jin
Kamen Rider Adave
Jack Davis


Kamen Rider Dev Asur
Raj Singh/Dev Asur
Kenichi Ōgami
Kamen Rider Devi
Rina Singh
King Cyber God
Raj Singh (Cyborg)
Kamen Rider Param Dev


Global Defense Force

  • Captain Leo
  • Kazuma Hirano
  • Brad Maximus
  • Beth Maximus
  • Benjamin Jameson
  • Peter Page
  • Jaya Rathore
  • Wallace Stein
  • Yuki Yamamoto


  • The Tridev
    • Brahma the Creator
    • Vishnu the Preserver
    • Shiva the Destroyer


Dark Jugglus


  • Byteroids


  1. Chapter 1: Power of Will
  2. Chapter 2: Desire to Protect
  3. Chapter 3: Courage
  4. Chapter 4: Mercy
  5. Chapter 5: Velocity
  6. Chapter 6: Gift from Ancestors
  7. Chapter 7: The Team
  8. Chapter 8: Destroy Evil
  9. Chapter 9: Preserve Innocents
  10. Chapter 10: Create Peace
  11. Chapter 11: Mastery
  12. Chapter 12: Injured's Wrath
  13. Chapter 13: Formidable Foe
  14. Chapter 14: Friends
  15. Chapter 15: Gem of a Human
  16. Chapter 16: Savior and Killer
  17. Chapter 17: Nobility
  18. Chapter 18: Invasion
  19. Chapter 19: Need to Protect
  20. Chapter 20: Decision

Special Chapters

  1. The Origin of Adave
  2. The Event of Dev Asur


Key: Creator = Maharaja O Earth

  • The following users have significantly contributed to the series' development and hence helped the creator.
    • Ayana Nari made the series title logo and icon.
    • Jeppy makes the Cyber Demons.
    • NeoRide has provided suggestions for Rider overview.
  • The series was created when the creator felt that Kamen Rider lacks Indian characters.
  • The concept of the protagonist receiving his powers from deities was taken from Hero: Bhakti hi Shakti hai, a 2005 Indian superhero show produced by Disney, where the protagonist, an innocent teen who is not smart, received super powers from Goddess Durga after he prays to her for intelligence.
  • The concept of the protagonist being a part of a military/defense force and secretly being a superhero was taken from Ultraman series.
  • Each chapter is proofread by the creator's mother before it is published.

Popular Culture

  • The series was mentioned in Museigen Yume: Kamen Rider Kaornis Episode 1, The Legends: We're the Kamen Riders. The series was depicted as the book Avatar Hero: Legend of the Tridev.