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For the series' main protagonist, Kamen Rider Densho, see Kagerou Kobayashi.
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Kamen Rider Densho (仮面ライダー伝承 Kamen Raidā Denshō?, lit. "Masked Rider Lore"), full title Gensaku Tanpen: Kamen Rider Densho (原作短編:仮面ライダー伝承 Gensaku Tanpen: Kamen Raidā Denshō?) is a Japanese tokusatsu fan-adaptation drama in Toei Company's and Zoey Zeffrey's Kamen Rider Series. It serves as the first series to be developed under the "Gensaku Tanpen" banner. It serves as a tribute to the Kamen Riders of the Kamen Rider Fan Fiction Wiki, and to Fanon Riders as a whole.

The series would begin premiering on January TBA., 2022, joining Yuugi Sentai DungeonrangerIcon-crosswiki.png and Ultraman Technol on the Super Hero Time line-up. After the finale of Technol, the series would be joined in the Super Hero Time line-up by Ultrawoman Ultima.

The main slogan of this series is "Blurring the lines of reality and fiction, it is he who will carve the lore of the Kamen Riders, and become a hero that will fight in the name of justice!" (現実と虚構の境界線を曖昧にしながら、仮面ライダーの伝説を刻み、正義のために戦うヒーローになる! Genjitsu to kyokō no kyōkai-sen o aimai ni shinagara, Kamen Raidā no densetsu o kizami, seigi no tame ni tatakau hīrō ni naru!?)

The main themes of this series are identities and fiction, the latter particularly referring to 'the untold stories'.


The main idea for this series was conceived on January 16, 2022, after several months of planning and failed attempts to write the script of the story. The main writer behind the series, Zoey, has cited that he wanted to write this series after having a dream of writing out a story as a tribute to the Kamen Rider Fan Fiction Wiki as a whole, and that he was also inspired by series like Kamen_Rider.EXE.


Messages by the main writer would be circulated through the Toku Fanpedia Discord server, looking for series that intended to become cross-overs and tributes in Densho. After a bit of thinking, Hasbro's Demon Warriors would be the first series to be chosen as a tribute, becoming the main tribute arc in episodes 2 and 3.


Kamen Riders. The heroes of justice, that have fought throughout time and space, against evil in all forms, shapes and sizes. However, as their fictional legacy carries on in the arms of Kamen Riders Revi and Vice, in another world, there exists an entirely different medium of honoring the legacy that was led by the masked heroes who fought for good. These are the stories of the writers who tell the tale of the Kamen Riders in an entirely new medium, putting their own personal twist on the legend, and carving out the lore of the Kamen Riders to come... and at its center?

Kagerou Kobayashi, an eighteen-year-old about to begin his final year of high-school in Shugyoku Gakuen, and a young boy content on telling the tales of the Kamen Riders in his own way, like many others before him. A month into his final year of high school, on the 28th of November, 2021, Kagerou decides to go out on a small excursion with his friends into the city, figuring it was a good idea to take a break from all of the temporary hustle and bustle. However, midway, during the trip, a mysterious wave of energy is born from a wish, and consumes the entire city, causing a brief black-out that also causes the gates to the mall that Kagerou's group is in to suddenly lock down, much to his shock.

At the same time, as the power returns online, not only is Kagerou's group trapped with multiple other civilians within the confines of the mall, but the wave of energy gives birth to something more sinister... the shadows of evil, and their leader: Umbra. However, it is not just evil that is born... from a wish deep within the heart, the fanmade Driver in Kagerou's sketchbook suddenly takes form, materializing in front of Kagerou...! As the latter utilizes it with the trinkets that it comes with, Kagerou becomes the advent of a new era; one where the lines of fiction and reality start to blur, led by the breaking walls of the fourth dimension.

Henshin! For this is the Kamen Rider that will carve the path through space and time, into a new era, Kamen Rider Densho!


Kamen Riders

Main Series

Designation Kanji User Voice Actor
Kamen Rider Densho
Kagerou Kobayashi Yuya Hirose
Kamen Rider Hanabi
Misora Mizuhara Fairouz Ai
Kamen Rider Gebana
Natsumi Nakashima Yume Miyamoto


  • Misora Mizuhara
  • Natsumi Nakashima
  • Sachiko Shimizu

Shugyoku Gakuen

  • First-Year Students
    • Chloe Kudo
    • Kanon Kawano
    • Reika Kobayashi
    • Haruka Hasegawa
    • Mei Mizusawa
    • Quinn Watanabe
    • Taiga Takahashi
  • Fourth-Year Students
    • Ryotaro Rakuyama
    • Shun Sakamoto



  • Commander Zanzou
  • Commander Koushi
  • Commander Reiten
Designation Monster Voice Actor


Kamen Riders

Hasbro's Demon Warriors
Designation User Voice Actor
Demon Warrior Rex
James Carlson Milo Manheim
Demon Warrior Vice
Vice Alex Brightman
Demon Warrior Noble
Drew Carlson Dylan Minnette
Demon Warrior Shadow
Claw/Drew Carlson Dylan Minnette
Demon Warrior Fang
Olivia Carlson Sabrina Carpenter
Kamen Rider Abada
Kamen Rider Beats
Kamen Rider Buster
Kamen Rider Dash
Kamen Rider Dev (RX)
Kamen Rider Dual Justice
Kamen Rider Dynamite
Kamen Rider Kijutsu
Kamen Rider Memory
Designation User Voice Actor
Kamen Rider Memory
Haruka Nojima Masumi Asano
Kamen Rider Backup
Lillian Nojima Mao Ichimichi
Kamen Rider Shinken
Kamen Rider Streams
Kamen Rider Triumph
Kamen Rider Vilocite
Museigen Yume: Kamen Rider Kaornis
Designation User Voice Actor
Kamen Rider Ornis
Ikioi Soyokaze Yūsuke Kobayashi
Kamen Rider Kaori
Remely Euphoria Akane Fujita
Kamen Rider Hineria
Etra Karizaki Sakura Tange
Kamen Rider Illustrious
Akira Tsuki Noritaka Hamao

Super SentaiIcon-crosswiki.png


This series is divided into three major story arcs:

ARC-001: 神話世界
>> The World of Myth <<
  • Episodes 1 - TBA.: Details the story of Kagerou Kobayashi, an eighteen-year-old high student who transforms into Kamen Rider Densho, fighting against the elusive Umbra who materialize from the shadows and cracks that separate fiction and reality; of how the conflict between these two factions affects not just him, but his closest friends and family.
ARC-002: 世界旋轉
>> The World Revolving <<
  • Episodes TBA. - TBA.: Details the world that revolves around Kagerou, as the story of the first Kamen Rider not only becomes national news, but transcends borders. As Umbra continues to attack, beginning to span nationwide instead of smaller regions, many Rider fans learn to cope with the attack, as other monsters emerge from the world of digital space, with more heroes coming forth.
ARC-003: 超越世界
>> The World Beyond <<
  • Episodes TBA. - TBA.: Details the conflict between the Kamen Riders and Umbra, as it reaches its climax, the final boss beginning to take his seat in the battle over the world's ideals. As the true origins behind Umbra and Densho's Rider System come into light, Kagerou struggles with this new knowledge, unable to understand whether everything he's fought for was worth anything.

  1. The Heroes of Another Story (別の物語(ストーリー)の英雄 Betsu no Monogatari(Sutōrī) no Eiyū?)
  2. Embodiments, the Spirits of Justice (具現化、正義(ジャスティス)の精神 Gugen-ka, Seigi(Jasutisu) no Seishin?)
  3. To Become the Ideal Hero (理想(アイディアル)の勇者になるために Risō(Aidiaru) no Yūsha ni Naru Tame ni?)
  4. Wandering through Stories of History (歴史(ヒストリ)の物語をさまよう Rekishi(Hisutori) no Monogatari o Samayō?)
  5. Drifting, these Tales of Love (漂流、これらの(ラブ)の物語 Hyōryū, Korera no Ai(Rabu) no Monogatari?)
  6. Three Hearts, the Animal Hero (スリーハート、アニマルヒーロー Surī Hāto, Animaru Hīrō?)
  7. Wild Style: The Blazing Firework (ワイルドスタイル:燃える花火 Wairudo Sutairu: Moeru Hanabi?)



  • Kamen Rider Densho ~Transformation Lessons~ (仮面ライダー伝承〜変革塾〜 Kamen Raidā Denshō ~Henkaku Juku~?)
    1. Densho Chapter (伝承章 Denshō-shō?)
    2. Hanabi Chapter (花火章 Hanabi-shō?)
    3. Gebana Chapter (夏花章 Gebana-shō?)

Voice Cast

  • Kagerou Kobayashi (小林 陽炎 Kobayashi Kagerō?): Yuya Hirose (広瀬 裕也 Hirose Yūya?)
  • Misora Mizuhara (水原 美空 Mizuhara Misora?): Fairouz Ai (ファイルーズ あい Fairūzu Ai?)
  • Natsumi Nakashima (中島 夏美 Nakashima Natsumi?): Yume Miyamoto (宮本 侑芽 Miyamoto Yume?)
  • Sachiko Shimizu (清水 幸子 Shimizu Sachiko?): Reina Ueda (上田 麗奈 Ueda Reina?)
  • Commander Zanzou (残像 Zanzō?, lit. "Afterimage"): Tsuyoshi Koyama (小山 剛志 Koyama Tsuyoshi?)
  • Commander Koushi (光子 Kōshi?, lit. "Photon"): Tetsuo Kanao (金尾 哲夫 Kanao Tetsuo?)
  • Commander Reiten (零点 Reiten?, lit. "Zero"): Romi Park (朴 璐美 Paku Romi?)
  • DenshoDriver, Identity Cards, Simulacrum Cards: Shingo Fujimori (藤森 慎吾 Fujimori Shingo?)

Supporting Characters

  • Chloe Kudo (工藤 クロエ Kudō Kuroe?): Rika Matsumoto (松本 梨香 Matsumoto Rika?)
  • Kanon Kawano (川野 花音 Kawano Kanon?): Masako Nozawa (野沢 雅子 Nozawa Masako?)
  • Reika Kobayashi (小林 令佳 Kobayashi Reika?): Nao Toyama (東山 奈央 Tōyama Nao?)
  • Haruka Hasegawa (長谷川 遥 Hasegawa Haruka?): Natsuki Katō (加藤 夏希 Katō Natsuki?)
  • Mei Mizusawa (水澤 芽依 Mizusawa Mei?): Sumire Uesaka (上坂 すみれ Uesaka Sumire?)
  • Quinn Watanabe (渡辺 クイーン Watanabe Kuīn?): Atsumi Tanezaki (種﨑 敦美 Tanezaki Atsumi?)
  • Taiga Takahashi (高橋 大我 Takahashi Taiga?): Yuki Kaji (梶 裕貴 Kaji Yuki?)
  • Shun Sakamoto (坂本 駿 Sakamoto Shun?): Fuminori Komatsu (小松 史法 Komatsu Fuminori?)
  • Ryotaro Rakuyama (楽山 涼太郎 Rakuyama Ryōtarō?): Soma Saito (斉藤 壮馬 Saitō Sōma?)

Motion Capture Actors


  • Kamen Rider Densho: Yuji Nakata (中田 裕士 Nakata Yūji?)
  • Kamen Rider Hanabi: Yuki Miyazawa (宮澤 雪 Miyazawa Yuki?)
  • Kamen Rider Gebana: Mutsumi Igarashi (五十嵐 睦美 Igarashi Mutsumi?)


  • Commander Zanzou: Danki Sakae (榮 男樹 Sakae Danki?)
  • Commander Koushi: Shogo Teramoto (寺本 翔悟 Teramoto Shōgo?)
  • Commander Reiten: Takuma Komori (小森 拓真 Komori Takuma?)
  • Monstrums: Yasuhiko Imai (今井 靖彦 Imai Yasuhiko?), Hajime Kanzaki (神前 元 Kanzaki Hajime?)


Opening Themes
  • "Contradiction"
    • Lyrics: KSUKE, Tyler Carter, Jonathan Litten, Teddy Swims, Addy Maxwell, Jamil Kazmi, Lee Rouse
    • Composition: KSUKE, Tyler Carter, Jonathan Litten, Teddy Swims, Addy Maxwell, Jamil Kazmi, Lee Rouse
    • Artists: KSUKE, Tyler Carter
Ending Themes
  • "Flyers"
    • Lyrics: Shingyoji Takaaki
    • Composition: BRADIO
    • Arrangement: BRADIO
    • Artists: Shingyoji Takaaki
Insert Songs
  • "Kagerou"
    • Lyrics: Ryoko
    • Composition: Ryoko
    • Arrangement: Takuya Watanabe
    • Artist: ЯeaL
    • Character: Kagerou Kobayashi
    • Episodes: TBA.




  • The main inspirations for the main character's group comes not only from the author's personal life/social circle, but also from Fourze's Kamen Rider Club, of which the series was one of the main series for the author getting into Kamen Rider in the first place.
  • The female-heavy number of Kamen Riders was also due to the author feeling like it was more fitting, not only integrating strong traits of previous recent female Riders, notably Jeanne, Sabela and Valkyrie, but also to reflect his friends' strengths
    • The author has stated that he is worried about how he will handle his side characters, as not only are they based off his own friends, but have varying sexualities, from transgender females, to asexual characters, reflecting his friends in that aspect.



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