KR Colour Log

Kamen Rider Colour is a Japanese tokusatsu drama, being the first series in the New Heisei Era, aired in late 2019.


Color, which they call it actually has a secret, one day a young boy who lost his parents found a colorful belt, the belt is the secret key of color but there is an evil organization called Blacwhite who wanted to take the belt back.




  • Kita Yukimura
  • Zan Kyoji
  • Miu Kyoji
  • Chrome


  • Prince White Saber
    • Kira Knight
  • Vice General Shiriku
    • WhiRuger
  • Profesor Gruder
    • Blacter Monster


  1. What?, The Rainbow Colored Hero
  2. Wait?, Evil Deed of Blacter Monster
  3. Listen!,You Grasshopper Monster
  4. Oh No, My Identity
  5. You Know, My Purple
  6. Shutdown, A Trap
  7. Run!, Kita is Targeted
  8. Blast, Profesor Gruder
  9. Break, The Wall of Gruder
  10. Born, The Color of Blue
  11. Why?, Everyone Gone
  12. Come, Shiriku Anger
  13. Ended, The General Dies
  14. Is it End, A New Enemy
  15. New, The New Rider
  16. Really, Wrong Battle!
  17. The Four Crystalites
  18. What? Fight N' Battle!
  19. Mark, The Third Marker!
  20. Paint's Tremble
  21. Yes! Blanc's Showdown
  22. Jump! Azure Blue's River
  23. Deathmatch! Color vs Blanc!
  24. Leap! The Forest's Leaves
  25. Color's Spin
  26. Gorgeous! The Queen Is Here!
  27. Awesome! World's Spin
  28. Marker! The Top of Everything!
  29. Possible! Blancwhite's Revenge!
  30. Part 2, Rita's Change of World!
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