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For the series' main heroes, Kamen Riders Anima & Malia, see T.J. Carter and Saurex.

Kamen Rider Animalia is the adaption of Kamen Rider Revice. It is the third season of the New Era series, the thirty-second overall, and serves to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the franchise. The series premiered on September 3, 2022, joining Power Rangers Gear SurgeIcon-crosswiki.png in airing after the finale of Kamen Rider Saber. After Gear Surge’s conclusion, the series was joined in airing by Power Rangers Taro SquadIcon-crosswiki.png.

The series motif is animals, stamps and demons.


Within every human is a creature known as an Innemon, beings worshiped by the dangerous Cult of Phisto who use devices known as Beastamps to release them into the world. Their opposition comes in the form of T.J. Carter, a young man who made a deal with Saurex, his own Innemon, in order to fight as a Kamen Rider to protect the city and his family from others' Innemons.


Animalia Riders: Anima, Malia, Diurn, Nocturn, Strike, Aranea, Beelze, Max Aranea, Hive

Kamen Riders

TV Show

Kamen Rider Anima T.J. Carter
Kamen Rider Malia Saurex
Kamen Rider Animalia T.J. Carter & Saurex
Kamen Rider Diurn Jacob Carter
Kamen Rider Nocturn Skade/Jacob CarterSkade
Kamen Rider Strike Tasha Carter
Kamen Rider Aranea Aidan MorganThanatosRyder Marks
Kamen Rider Beelze Jackson RitterZebul/Travis Carter
Kamen Rider Max Aranea Colin Burke
Kamen Rider Hive Lili Theodore


Kamen Rider Beyonder Brian Douglas & James Douglas
Masked Rider One Lance Blaze
Masked Rider V1 Lance Blaze
Masked Rider RX Saurex
Masked Rider ZO Noel Knight
Mighty Knight Noel Knight
Evolve Knight Luceo
Chiro Knight Jacob Carter
Venom Knight Unnamed demon
Spade Knight Noel Knight
Accel Knight Lance Blaze
Eternal Knight Unnamed demon
Quasar Knight Saurex
Meteor Knight Jacob Carter
Space Knight Tasha Carter
Sorcerer Knight Unnamed demon
Long Knight Jacob Carter
Duke Knight Unnamed demon
Masked Rider Four Unnamed demon
Action Knight
Date Knight Tasha Carter
Prophet Knight
Mask Knight
Unnamed demon
Kamen Rider Zerone Luceo
Kamen Rider Amazon
Tasha Carter

Debatable Riders

TV Show

Fake Malia Chameleon Innemon


Soar Rider One Unnamed demon
Soar Rider Two Unnamed demon


Carter Family

Genome X



Eon Museum


Kamen Rider

Masked Rider One Henry Wells
Kamen Rider Saber Lance Blaze
Kamen Rider Pride Noel Knight
Kamen Rider Volt Alistair Bolton
Kamen Rider Genbun Caesar Landon
Kamen Rider Jinken Shino Valia
Kamen Rider Chime Jestro
Kamen Rider Drager Myla
Kamen Rider Radia Luceo
Kamen Rider Mistia Rita Emerson
Kamen Rider Timerdal Tyler Emerson


Cult of Phisto

Queen Bee Innemon Lilith
Squid Innemon Thanatos
Anomalocaris Innemon
Wolf Innemon Berus
Chameleon Innemon "John Xavier"
Smilodon Innemon William Spencer
Planarian Innemon Spencer Graham
Phisterror Diana Murray


Contract Holders


  • SOAR Executive
  • Demolon


  • Himiko Eidolon
  • Khufu Eidolon
  • Edison Eidolon
  • Leonidas Eidolon


Main article: Kamen Rider Animalia Episodes
  1. Stamp Signed Deal
  2. Complete Your Deal
  3. Save the Hostages
  4. Demon of Danger
  5. Find the Traitor
  6. Who's the Evil Rider?
  7. Speeding Skating Webbing
  8. Returned Mother and Fighting Brothers
  9. Runaway Brother
  10. Brotherly Belief in Light
  11. Our Sister's Role
  12. True Strength Strikes
  13. Attack on Genome X
  14. Is the Commander the Enemy?
  15. Let the Raid Begin
  16. Target: Mother
  17. Backstories and Eruptions
  18. Burning Inside
  19. Web of Warning
  20. The Cost of Fighting
  21. Old Danger, New Webs
  22. Comedy Devils
  23. Demon Takeover
  24. Rescue the Researcher
  25. Demon Revival and Family Truths
  26. Between Light and Dark
  27. The Rampaging Demon
  28. Battle of Supremacy, Crack of Thunder
  29. Awakening Soon?
  30. Memories of Your Dreams
  31. History Behind Illusions
  32. To Rescue the Demon Girl
  33. Truth of Najathi, Demon Queen Finale
  34. The Director Stakeout
  35. On the Edge of Despair
  36. Find Your Determination
  37. To Save the Doctor


  1. Kamen Rider: Neo Generations


  1. Animalia History: Birth of Beelze



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