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This article is about a/an adaption show in the Kamen Rider Series.

For the series' main character, Quantum Knight, see Caleb Stone.

Kamen Rider: Quantum Knight is an adaption of Kamen Rider Zi-O. It is the twenty-ninth series overall and the twentieth and final season of the Knight Era series. The series premiered on September 7, 2019, joining Power Rangers Cops and RobbersIcon-crosswiki.png in airing following Kamen Rider: Invent Force's conclusion. After Cops and Robbers ended in December 2019, Quantum Knight was joined by Power Rangers BattleworldIcon-crosswiki.png in January 2020 and later by Power Rangers Dinoric KnightsIcon-crosswiki.png in February 2020. Following Quantum Knight's conclusion, Dinoric Knights was joined by Kamen Rider Zerone in airing.


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TV Show

Quantum Knight
Caleb Stone (Other users)
Gate Knight
Dylan Gates (Other users)
Prophet Knight
Alter PhetPhet (Other users)
Lunar Knight
Overlord Quantum
Overlord Quantum
Stealth Knight
Rio Hanks
Quiz Knight
Nate Michaelson
Quantum Knight (Ventara)
Caleb Stone (Mirroria)
Mech Knight Bolt
Armor Knight Chris Johnson (Other users)
Rock Knight TBA
Punch Knight TBA
Insect Knight TBA
Galaxy Knight

Demo Knights

Demo Knight Invent
Unnamed Basketball Player ► TBA (Other users)
Demo Knight Action TBA ► TBA (Other users)
Demo Knight Quasar TBA (Other users)
Demo Knight Phi
TBA ► TBA (Other users)
Demo Knight Mystic TBA (Other users)
Demo Knight Coin
Alexander Grimm ► TBA (Other users)
Demo Knight Lock TBA ► TBA (Other users)
Demo Knight Spirit TBA ► TBA (Other users)
Demo Knight Stealth
Rio Hanks
Demo Knight Quiz
TBA Michaelson
Demo Knight Dargo
Dark Drake
Demo Knight Mech InsectInfinn/Insect
Demo Knight Quantum
Demo Knight Spade TBA
Demo Knight Evolve Unnamed Person (Other users)
Demo Knight Rock TBA
Demo Knight Vampire
Demo Knight Insect TBA
Demo Knight Train TBA
Demo Knight Quantum Dual
Demo Knight Duo
Unnamed person
Demo Knight Mighty Unnamed person
Demo Knight Drago Unnamed person
Demo Knight Drift TBA
Demo Knight Deca

Movie Exclusive

Mask Knight
Z Knight
Aneomega Knight
Quantum Knight
Caleb Stone (King's Rise)
Gate Knight
Dylan Gates (King's Rise)
Prophet Knight
Phet (King's Rise)
Prophet Knight
Alter Phet (Next Time)
Kamen Rider Zerone Lewis Elliott
Demo Knights
Demo Knight Train TBA
Demo Knight Duo
Unnamed person
Demo Knight Mighty TBATBA/TBA
Demo Knight Zerone Neo Ann
Demo Knight One Houra
Demo Knight Code Alter Phet (Next Time)


  • Barry Stone
Detaro Detaro

Returning characters

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Kamen Riders

Mighty Knight
Mighty Knight Rich Goodall (transformed only)
Evolve Knight
Evolve Knight Chris Johnson
Armor Knight G4 TBA (Demo World)
Drago Knight
Drago Knight Drake Griffith
Dargo Knight Dark Drake
Phi Knight
Phi Knight
Alexander Hill
Chi Knight Matthew Jackson
Spade Knight
Spade Knight Drew Young
Heart Knight TBA
Rock Knight
Rock Knight Oni Hibiki (suit/picture only)
Strum Knight TBA
Transformed TBA TBA
Insect Knight
Insect Knight Zac Evans (stand-in)
Stag Knight TBA
Kick Knight TBA
Train Knight
Train Knight Sword Form Zane Martin/Momotaro
Train Knight Rod Form Zane Martin/Kametaro
Train Knight Ax Form Zane Martin/Kintaro
Train Knight Gun Form Zane Martin/Ryutaro
Train Knight Liner Form Zane Martin (transformed only)
Rail Knight TBA
Rail Knight Vega Form TBA/TBA
TBA Knight TBA (Demo World)
Vampire Knight
Vampire Knight
Spencer Hudson (transformed only)
TBA Knight TBA (Demo World)
Deca Knight
Deca Knight Noah Makoto
Code Knight TBA
Duo Knight
Duo Knight
Connor & Logan Johnson (transformed only)
Accel Knight TBA
Eternal Knight TBA (Demo World)
Coin Knight
Coin Knight
Kyle Allen
Capsule Knight
TBA (transformed only)
Aqua Knight TBA
Quasar Knight
Quasar Knight Chris Quinn (stand-in)
Mystic Knight
Mystic Knight Frank Danvers (stand-in)
Beast Knight Nick Brant
Lock Knight
Lock Knight Kenji Hatano
Chivalry Knight Jeremy Anderson
Drift Knight
Drift Knight Adam Green (transformed only)
Mach Knight TBA
Chase Knight TBA (transformed only)
Spirit Knight
Spirit Knight Casper Hunter
Specter Knight TBA
Geist Knight TBA (Demo World)
Cartridge Charge
Action Knight Eli Xander
Fantasy Knight Derrick Prince
Ninja Knight
TBA (Demo World)
Invent Force
Invent Knight
Ian Tyler
Claw Knight Casey Jacobs
Grease Knight Ryan Turner
Croc Knight
Garth Jenson
Exo Knight
Vader (transformed only)
Kamen Rider Zerone Lewis Elliott
Proto Rider Zerone
Kamen Rider Volcanus
Mike Ross
Kamen Rider Amazon
Becca Fox
Kamen Rider Hack
Kamen Rider Force
Kamen Rider Zerotype
Daniel Elliott


Chronos Gang

Time Keepers

  • Vasal


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Main article: Kamen Rider: Quantum Knight Episodes

This series is divided into 4 arcs:

  • Episode 1-16: Chapter One: This arc introduces most of the main characters and the plot. It also pays tribute to Invent Force, Cartridge Charge, Quasar Knight, Phi Knight, Mystic Knight, Coin Knight, Lock Knight and Spirit Knight*.
  • Episode 17-30: Chapter Two: This arc features Alternate Phet who seeks to create Gate Knight Revive, the 3 riders of the future, and the preparation of the Overlord Ascension day. It features tribute to Drago Knight and Spade Knight*. It also shows Caleb’s past and how his fate of becoming king came to be.
  • Episode 31-40: Chapter Three: This arc deals with Kara’s past as she regains her memories. It also features tribute to Evolve Knight, Rock Knight, Vampire Knight, Insect Knight* and Train Knight.
  • Episode 41-49: Chapter Four: This deals with Erat’s real plan to become king and Caleb becoming Overlord Quantum. It also features tribute to Drift Knight and the Movie Riders*.

  1. King of the Future
  2. Rider: Invent
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Invent Force.
  3. Game of 2019
  4. Rider: Action
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Cartridge Charge.
  5. Rider: Quasar
  6. Rider: Phone
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Quasar Knight and Kamen Rider: Phi Knight.
  7. Magician of 2019
  8. Rider: Mystic
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Mystic Knight.
  9. Kings of 2019
  10. Rider: Coin
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Coin Knight and Kamen Rider: Cartridge Charge.
  11. Fruits of 2019
  12. Rider: Lock
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Lock Knight.
  13. Ghosts of 2019
  14. Rider: Spirit
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Spirit Knight and Kamen Rider: Deca Knight.
  15. King of 2069
  16. Fate of 2019
  17. Prophet of 2020
  18. Rider: Stealth
  19. Questions of 2040
  20. Rider: Quiz
  21. Mirroria 2020
  22. Rider: Quantum Dual
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Drago Knight.
  23. Future of 2121
  24. Rider: Mech
  25. Demo Knight: Quantum 2020
  26. Rider: Revive Knight
  27. Origins of 2010
  28. Collision Course 2020
  29. Spade of Hearts 2020
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Spade Knight and Kamen Rider: Deca Knight.
  30. 2020: Trio Knight
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Spade Knight and Kamen Rider: Deca Knight.
  31. 2020: Evolve
  32. 2020: Trinity Times Two
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Evolve Knight.
  33. 2020: Rock and Roll
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Rock Knight.
  34. Rider: Rock
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Rock Knight.
  35. 2020: Vampiric Galaxy Love
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Vampire Knight.
  36. Rider: Vampire and Prophet Galaxy
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Vampire Knight.
  37. 2020: World Ending Asteroid
  38. Rider: Insect
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Insect Knight.
  39. 2020: Time Train, All Aboard!
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Train Knight.
  40. Rider: Train and Quantum Knight King
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Train Knight.
  41. Demo Knight: Quantum Dual
  42. 2020: Reset World
  43. 2020: Endgame
  44. 2020: Reign of Demo Knight Deca
  45. 2020: Eternal Life
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Movies and Movie Riders
  46. 2020: A Prophet's Return
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider Movies and Movie Riders.
  47. 2020: World's End
  48. 2069: Final Stand
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Deca Knight and Kamen Rider: Drift Knight.
  49. 2020: World Ending Choice
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Deca Knight and the Knight Era.


  1. Kamen Rider: Double Decade Panic
  2. Kamen Rider Quantum Knight: King's Rise
    • Tribute to Kamen Rider: Drift Knight and the Knight Era.
  3. Kamen Rider Zerone & Quantum Knight: The New Era
  4. Quantum Knight Next Time: Gate Savior
    • Tribute to Secondary Riders.


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