Kamen Rider: Armonsters
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Kamen Rider: Armonsters (仮面ライダー:アーモンスター Kamen Raidā: Āmonsutā?) is the first Codename: Z Rider series of Kamen Rider series. The Kamen Rider: Armonsters is very lighter tone than darker tone though not used violences. Oddly enough, by the fifth episode, it has sexual and nudity mature, so it makes combining lighter tone and sexual mature recently.


The mysterious meteorite with the greenish slime over the thousand years ago since the dinosaurs into the ground and destroys creatures and plants. The mysterious human civilization attempting to destroy the Gudo Tree, the special tree that contains pure hearts of it's any wishes, but one human who eats the Gudo Fruit which is actually a god tree who greet the normal humans to the normal trees. A human named Agito who wishing to become a Hero of Life and goes to the present Earth where giving the Gudo seed to somewhere else. However, the ancient civilization has been released from the unknown source of dark power called Ragaku which is call the D Force. While one Ragaku minion disobey the leader named Rouki, the leader tried to attack him before he gone escaped. After Agito plants the Gudo seed while he visited Muzutami house, Rouki visits the Muzutami house too and looking the Gudo sproutling as Agito asked him about Ragaku tribes and his unknown human race. When the Ragaku attacked, Agito and Rouki tells that they won't give up which is the Gudo sproutling blooms, glows to transformed the fruit into the belt which is allows transforms Agito into Kamen Rider Kuraga but also transform Ragaku into armor forms and possessing him however to defeat the Ragaku army.


Ragaku Warriors and The D Force

Kuraga Normal Agito Nikawa
Kuraga Earth Agito Nikawa/Earth Demon Rouki
Kuraga Fire Agito Nikawa/Fire Demon Hidra
Kuraga Splash Agito Nikawa/Water Demon Medusa
Kuraga Wind Agito Nikawa/Air Demon Cyclous
Zorochi Normal Shinji Yomomaki
Zorochi Shade Shinji Nikawa/Serpent Demon Skypes
D2 Souchi Kamemaru


  • Dr. Muzutami
  • Komu Muzutami
  • Mick Guy


Main article: Ragaku






These episodes were used to chapters arc.

  • Prelude Arc (1-2)
  • Chapter 1 (3-14)
  • Chapter 2 (15-)
  1. Kuraga
  2. Kuraga, The Tigerbeetle Warrior
  3. Chapter
  4. The Fiery Style Demon
  5. The Counterattack (Part One)
  6. The Splashing Water Demon (Part Two)
  7. The Deadly Poisonous
  8. Trigger
  9. The Kimono of the Wind
  10. Power
  11. Spirit
  12. The Swarm
  13. Rampage (Part One)
  14. Tyrant (Part Two)
  15. Poison Ragaku
  16. Shadows
  17. Zorochi
  18. Attack
  19. Justice
  20. Combine
  21. Reckless (Part One)
  22. Risk (Part Two)
  23. Trap
  24. The Third One (The mysterious Rider first appeared and helping the unconscious Agito)
  25. One Evil
  26. Destroyer
  27. Darkside
  28. Jimpachi
  29. D2's Upgrade
  30. Zorochi's Colors
  31. Eternally
  32. Despair (Part One)
  33. Hope (Part Two)
  34. Questions
  35. Brave
  36. The Demons (Part One)
  37. The Leader (Part Two)
  38. Underworld
  39. Escape
  40. Zorochi's Ends
  41. Medusa's Dies?
  42. Wind of the Cyclous
  43. Hidra's Burns
  44. The Two Remaining Warriors
  45. Death (Part One)
  46. Final Episode: Life (Part Two)

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  • This the first and only series that has named to be Armonsters which is used Kamen Rider Kuraga's transformation sequence.
  • Unlike the original Kamen Rider canon, this season was combination of both live-action and anime.