Kaijitsu Rider (カイジツライダー Kaijitsu Raidā?) 

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is the 32th season of GENERATION series. This season will be dual-side episodes and final event of Post-Samuel's Quest about Samuel's origins. However, the final season was not over yet because Monarchdra Ibves say that final season could be to the movie after the final episode. This will be next 33th season of new series called Nexus series (the post-GENERATION series) and named the season called Kaijitsu Rider: Burst Slash (カイジツウライダー:バーストスラッシュ Kaijitsu Raidā: Bāsuto Surasshu?). The new 34th season of Nexus series called Kaijitsu Rider: Gourmet Burst Slash (カイジツライダー:グルメバーストスラッシュ Kaijitsu Raidā: Gurume Bāsuto Surasshu?) The motif was fruits and locks during in season 1 and cards in season 2 and season 3 through from fruits and locks.


After time during event of Samuraiger,

A former Daizen Hero Mebius who his parents were "killed" by Sadako then become the second hero called Pitaya Rider to avenge his parents' supposedly death.

The daughter of Samuel "Nakaoka" and Cereza/Bayonetta because they got married before they disappeared after he was alone and saying that she was half-sister of Dillain Joo.

After the final episode,


Beast Riders

Orange Blast Agido Joo
Gold Lemon Ichigo Inui (a son of Takumi Inui and Love Momozono)
Armored Grape Uchty Matoi (a son of Utsusemimaru and Ryuko Matoi)

The Nitros

Cherry Orange Cherrys
Navy Orange Berrystro
Chinese Orange Ryustro
Sound Orange Soundtro

Beat Riders

Red Orange Orange Deluxe Agido Joo (later, defected to Beast Riders since Ichigo joined the group)
Green Lime Lime Suite Shitoron
Blueberry Blueberry Tropical Raquel
New Grape Inori Tsubomiya

Elite Force Riders

Pitaya Asuka Marvelous
Coconut Nozomu Itoshiki
Pink Lemon Neriza Joo

Riders' Allies

Senketsu Ryuko Matoi
Kibosetsu (formerly) Samuel "Naokaoka" Joo (Singular Rider Shin is the true form of Singular Rider S within the true power of Kibosetsu, betrayed when his true past was revealed)

Five Assassin Riders

Singular Rider Samuel "Nakaoka" Joo (after betrayed when his true past was revealed, but he revealed that he need his journey to Gourmet World)
War Rider Ciel Phantomhive
Game Rider Tsukihito Amanuma
Sniper Rider Kaname Hagiri
Dual Rider Earl Alois Trancy (Revealed he was survived when his fake death)


  • Roho Joo
  • Melk the Second
  • Wise God Torin
  • Kasuza (Samuel's inner)
  • Madaio (a master of Generation Beasts and mentor of Kurama)
  • Doctor Ulshade
  • Captain Marvelous
  • Asuna
  • Chibibon/Bondos


The Crews

  • Shadow the Knight (originally as his dark energy-like being before seperating with Marine Lady Makuria and the strange mist appeared on Agido and his friends; however, he was revealed that he was possessed by the evil spiritual being is Samuel Nakaoka's old first enemy Reijinju)
  • Eustace (co-leader)
  • Dr. Mikoto (co-leader)
  • Darkros (co-leader)
  • Luika (Samuel's Yang)
  • Commander Zog
  • Professor Vice
  • Reijinju (Samuel Nakaoka's old first nemesis that both of them were supposedly fused into one and smashed into the ground, revealed they were inside of the Lake of the Auos before fusion, they were now seperated as she know Samuel Nakaoka's resting place)

Horen Faction

Stink Durian Head Chef Horen
Laser Raspberry Rider Hunter Saiyer
Planetary Pitaya Planet Hunter Odrago
Rage Lemonade Darkness Hunter Maoryugami
Aqua Neptune Marine Lady Makuria
Crimson Butterfly Blood Hunter Gaojin
Gold Dragon Magic Hunter Solda

The Seven Beast Monarchs

Other Villains


Morphing Devices

Generation Drivers

  • KaijitsuDriver - A transformation belt that can transform into Rider form or/and do summoned the Ibves for battle. Agido's KaijitsuDriver was destroyed by the Monarch Queen Qualzel.
  • SlashLocker - A transformation driver that can place to KaijitsuDriver and transform into secondary Rider form as a upgrades
  • GourmeDriver - A transformation belt that can transform into Rider form with the Lock-Seeds, but restrained their upgrade forms. Like KaijitsuDriver, it can do summoned Ibves including Gourmet Beasts or Titan Beasts for battle.

Power-Up Devices

  • Ganbarin LockSeed - A transformation LockSeed used by Drafutan Ibves to activate it.
  • Gigasevolver - A transformation gun used by Samuel within the Kibogetsu form to transform into his upgraded Singular Rider..
  • GourmeSeed - A transformation Lockseed-like wristwatch to evolve Red Orange Arms into first Super Form; Deluxe's Ogiri Arms
  • GourmeKey - A transformation Lockseed-like key to evolve into Red Orange Arms into second Super Form; Deluxe Joshoju Arms.

Lock-SeedsIbves and LockCards

Agido's Lock-Seeds

  • Red Orange LockSeed - A primary LockSeed used by Agido to transform into Orang Rider.
  • Beast Sword Gun LockSeed - A powered up form of Red Orange LockSeed.

Gourmet Beasts

Agido's Gourmet Beasts


Ibves Games

  1. Flaming Orange and Ibves
  2. Evolving Massive, Flaming Hissatsu
  3. Surprise, Lime Ibves Bikkuri Punch
  4. Rush, Raquel and Blue Ibves
  5. Dying Scream, The Ibves Strike
  6. Samuel's Weakness, Ryuko is Here (Part One, though head to Utchy and Ryuko, Loving Sexier What?!)
  7. Uh-Oh, Samuel's Secret Book Revealed
  8. Pitaya, The Dragon Fruit Rider?
  9. Marvelous, The Dragon Joined The Team
  10. Ganbarincho, Chaser the Ganbarichaser
  11. Ibves Struggle, Nighty Shushuto
  12. What the?! The Head Chef Strike
  13. Overcome! Invesincho Transformation
  14. Meteoring, Reanimatincho Ibves
  15. Oh Great, Madness Theory
  16. Crack Up! Bakuretsu Dracokong
  17. Ehhh!! Ganbarin...chin
  18. Oh My Rincho, Ibves New Attack
  19. Macho, Drakong Fight
  20. Gigagigagigagiga! Possible Endless
  21. Yikes, Head Chef Back (Samuel greatly accidentally sent out the head chef much as Shotaro's unwitted shocked and call Pansy that what he did)
  22. What's That?! Head Chef vs. Red Orange (Agido was still overfeared at the Head Chef before Melk pummeling at him to go Ibves Forest)
  23. Ah Gosh! Sparking Gush
  24. Cute!! Chibibon Born
  25. Slaying Rider, Saiyer Arrival (Part One)
  26. Rebirth of Evolution, Hang in There Dracokong (Dracokong evolved into Drafutan after saving Sakura Hajiwara from Gongar's attack, Part Two)
  27. Samuel's Cries, 15 Years of Secret (Samuel's secret was revealed by his elder sister named Majira who they discovered he murdered Takatora as in first victim and Kizaki as in second victim other than edo people which is Samuel betrayed Burajin then killed rest of them. However, he change his heart as built the new planet called Gasuto World and soon revealed his parents were didn't died at all. As he betrayed his evil and create the new Gasuto to destroy the evil curse once, Part One)
  28. Lock-On Evolution! Seed Change Armament (Though Samuel was revealed, Mitsuzane and Rinko forgive him, Part Two)
  29. Keeping Up, Inves Attack
  30. Zone Away, Slashing Coconut
  31. Prehistory Giant, Magiras Arise
  32. Super Wow, Drafutan Special Dish
  33. Gigas Abarincho, Gigas Formation Cannon
  34. Rider Royale, Samba Bikkuritora (Bikkuritora evolved into Bikkurion when he dancing the samba dance)
  35. Achoo! Pterafalcon's Winds (Pterafalcon evolved into Pteraidon after he zoom faster)
  36. Samuel's Dark Side Here, The Sister's Battle (Part One)
  37. Melody, Lohime is Finally Here (Part Two)
  38. Gong Gong! Hissatsu of Ibves
  39. Oh My Melody, Gigashi Drazetron
  40. Silent, The Madness Comes
  41. Oh Sexy, Samuel's Secret Book Revealed (Continuing to Zangetsu Ibves Rampage)
  42. Gigasrincho, The True Hope Warrior (Samuel revealed his true Beast Mode, Kibogetsu to defeat Zangetsu Ghost for good by Samuel and Kibogetsu true user named Singular Rider Shin)
  43. Striking, Samuel's Strange Personality
  44. Returns, Alma Strike Back (Through to Alma And Samuel: Attack of Mortal, Part One)
  45. Samuel's Real Body, Strengthness of Justice
  46. Power, Justice of 5
  47. What!? GaoGod Takes Samuel (Through to Samuel, Rampage Again, Part One)
  48. Super What?! Samuel's Half-Daughter (Neriza Joo the daughter of Samuel "Nakaoka" and Cereza/Bayonetta first appearance, Part Three)
  49. Recovers, Ibves Fights Back
  50. Trial of Speed, Evolution Booster
  51. The Two Hunters Returns, Again!!
  52. Shattering the Wind, Pteraidon Flies
  53. Reach to the Storm, Drazetron Energy
  54. Upon the Wish, Victory of Ibves
  55. Oh no! Samuel's Shocking Truth
  56. The Final Battle, Monarchadra Ibves vs. Samuel (Through to The Fatal Ends, The Evolving World, Part One)
  57. The Evolving Neo, Fate of the World (The last episode which Samuel permanently "died", so this Samuel's story will be no longer resurrected or go back Other World)

Burst Slash

  1. Slashing Burst, New Arm Change
  2. Granting Green, Boosting Up
  3. Do Your Best, Raquel's New Power
  4. Arm Transform, Another Armor Kick
  5. Shitoron's Hope, Kick of Hope
  6. Shadow's Comeback, Attack of Ibves World (Through to Ibves vs. Pokemon, Part One)
  7. The Strange Mist Appeared, Cast Away! (Part Two)
  8. Bust That Mist! Samuel's Recovery Journey
  9. Reawakening, Melody of Song
  10. Super Wow! Melendy's Return
  11. Awakening, Agido's Hearts
  12. Dom Dom, Dom! Shadow's Perfect Plan
  13. Agido's Fate, Orange Down
  14. Orange's Revival, Cry For All
  15. Bokiboki, Mastery of Power 10
  16. School Days! Orange Love?! (Samuel's friends from School Days reappearance)
  17. Maskori Bizarre? In the Dark
  18. Samuel's Mysterious Disappeared (Samuel "Nakaoka" mysteriously left the team)
  19. Let's Go! Super Move Attack
  20. Samuel's Betrayal!! The True Singular Rider's Terror (It was revealed Samuel "Nakaoka" betrayed his families and comrades after Tsukasa was murdered while the shocking is Jasde)
  21. Wowie Dear! The Five Assassin Riders (The terribly revealed Samuel was actually the leader of the group of Assassin Riders)
  22. Oh No! The Decendant&Ancestor Fight (Agido's Beast is ready to evolve into young, Part One)
  23. Teamwork, Beat and Assassin Riders (Part Two)
  24. Let's Go! Baribari Boomboom
  25. Super What?! The Creepy Nurse from Siren World!!
  26. Oh My What?! The Creepy Nurse's Rider (Inori Tsubomiya first appearance)
  27. Strongest as Ever, Ibves Tournament
  28. Sonic Driving Strike
  29. The Light of Destined
  30. Courage of the Tourament
  31. Ibves' Invasion, Samukuness Returns
  32. Attack of Samuel's Hatred
  33. The Final Countdown, The Final of Samuel
  34. Wishing Truth, The True Gaia (Calrem's Beast evolved into juvenile-size form)
  35. Final Episode: Returns of Samuel's Soul

Gourmet Invasion

  1. Search for Samuel, the KaijitsuDriver's Destroyed (Agido's KaijitsuDriver was destroyed by Qualzel)
  2. The Red Nitro, GourmeDriver Birth (The GourmeDriver was created by Agido's tears then defeat Dragolarks)
  3. The Secret of the Monarchs
  4. The Blue Nitro Smartest, The Blue Orange Appears
  5. The Greatest Challenger Yet, Number 60 Again (Part One, Through to Shocking What!! Number 60 is the Girl)
  6. The One of the Monarchs, Agido's Super Rage of Power (Part Two)
  7. The Yellow Nitro, Chinese Strike
  8. Purple Nitro, Rocks On
  9. Desire to Nitros, Transform For All
  10. The Attack on Ibves
  11. Creep As It, Cracking The Beasts
  12. Asurah's Returns, Samuel's Fatal Disasters (Part One)
  13. Agido vs. Asurah: The Deadly Battle (Part Two, Ichigo Inui the son of Takumi and Momozono)
  14. The Rival Appears, The Golden Lemon Rider Appears
  15. The Survive Fly's Secret, Great Adventure Explosion
  16. The Beast and Nitros vs. Juaku the Chain Beast (Part One)
  17. Oh No! The Orange Rider's Corrupted (Agido was almost corrupted by PSYQualia that Asurah infecting him, Part Two)
  18. Great Hissatsu: The Second Evolution of Beast (Part Three)
  19. Full Power, The Great Dragon Fist (Part Four)
  20. The Survive Fly Revealed, The Life of Food Course (Part Five)
  21. The Fight Begins, The Four Monarchs
  22. Attack!! The Monarchs' Shocking Truth (Revealed that actually seven of them because the three of them were destroyed by his friends)
  23. The Tournament, Bujin World War
  24. Comes In, The Strongest Member of All
  25. Agido and the Beasts, The Third Evolution
  26. Show Me True Self, The Original Sadako Appears (The true Sadako when Samuel "Nakaoka" fought her first appearance and revealed Survive Fly that can requires to bring any living creatures back to life)
  27. The Animated Shadow, the Puppetdow Attack (Part One)
  28. The Great Slash Arms, Hope for Victory (Part Two)
  29. The Explosion Attack, Mastery of Dragon Fist!
  30. The Awakening Memories, Samuel's Numberon Origins (Samuel revealed that he see the living breed creature called Numberos and also revealed that Samuel Nakaoka plan to destroy the Rider War from Decade, Part One)
  31. Samuel's Memories, Tears of Red Burst Maroon (Agido awakening the Beast's new powers that Samuel Nakaoka passed his test that Zebra tests Agido's new powers strength, Part Two)
  32. Zose's Defeats
  33. The Great Battle, Blarze's Last Stand
  34. The Now Depart with Beast, Joshoju Arms
  35. Upon the Failsafe, Samuel's Outberserk
  36. Last Chance of Agido, Hyper Clock Up Overloaded!
  37. The Great Monarch Rider, Ojaju Arms is Here (A final episode used to take place is NEOS Rider episode 1)


Ibves Games

Burst Slash

Gourmet Burst Slash


  • This season where used to continues to XY Saga.
  • This final episode will be end of Samuel "Nakaoka" because he was permanently "died". However, he was revealed that he was possessed by the cursed memory named Blacken Sword Desom.