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The Immortal Swordsman
Gender: Male
Aliases: Swordsman of Immortality
Series: Kamen Rider Saber
Motif: Phoenix, Knight, Void, Myths, Destroyed Books
Rider Type: Villain (currently)
Antagonist (The Immortal Swordsman)
Hero (formerly)
Affiliation: Himself
Tale Master
First Appearance: Kamen Rider Saber and the Immortal Swordsman
Last Appearance: Event of Returns
Number of Episode
1 (Movie)
2 (Saber)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Chord Overstreet
Kamen Rider Paragon
Falchion Profile.png

Immortus is the legendary Immortal Swordsman sealed by his friend Luceo long ago in the Book of Ruin. He later reappeared and battled the riders of the Northern Base before being sealed once again as Kamen Rider Paragon. Tale Master later once again unsealed Immortus as part of his plans, allowing him to once again fight the riders and meet his old friend Luceo once again.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Resurrection: Being the Immortal Swordsman, Immortus' main ability is to resurrect himself whenever he dies. If he does fall in battle, a glowing orange feather will slowly descend and touch the Immortal Paragon Driver, creating a massive burst of black and orange flames that fade to reveal the already-transformed Falchion. Alternatively, his body can reform from complete nothingness if killed in the air, with glowing orange particles merging into the reformed Paragon.
  • Blight Corruption: Immortus can make the environment around him turn gray and dissolve into dust simply by taking small steps on the ground. When doing this, he sends small orange waves that spread throughout the area.
  • Longevity: Being the wielder of the Immortal Saber Void, Immortus has lived for thousands of years.
  • Power Negation: The Immortal Saber Void has the ability to negate the abilities of those that Immortus fights as Paragon. In their first rematch, Lance could not rely on his elemental physiology due to Void's negation. Later on, Void's power negation could even negate Shadow's Holy Saber sealing, unsealing all of the Holy Sabers and enabling their usage by their respective users again.


  • Expert Swordsman: Being the chosen wielder of the Immortal Saber Void, Immortus is an expert swordsman, being able to overpower Saber Crimson Dragon simply due to his years of experience. By the time of his return, he was very easily able to overpower a much stronger Saber and Luceo.


  • Book of Ruin: The Book of Ruin is capable of resealing Immortus, his Holy Saber, and Ride Book permanently. However, an external force (like Tale Master) can unseal him again.

Kamen Rider Paragon

Eternal Phoenix

Eternal Phoenix

Paragon bearing Eternal Phoenix's wings

"Unsheathed! Eternal Phoenix! Void Edition! Beware the neverending life that turns to nothingness!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 218.2 cm
  • Rider Weight: 108.7 kg

Ability Parameters

  • Punching Power: 60.2 t
  • Kicking Power: 94.2 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 94.7 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 1.6 seconds

Eternal Phoenix is Paragon's phoenix-based primary form accessed by using the Eternal Phoenix Ride Book in the Immortal Paragon Driver.

In this form, Paragon's stats are higher than Saber, Pride, and Volt in their Element Combo forms. In fact, he is stronger than even Saber Elemental Dragon. While he does have slightly higher punching power than Timerdal, Paragon loses to him in every other stat. However, this form has low defense, a flaw which Saber Emotional Dragon exploited to defeat him.

Paragon can summon Eternal Phoenix's wings to gain flight during finishers or stabilize himself when launched into the air. Bearing the motif of a phoenix, he can revive himself in battle whenever he dies, mainly due to the Immortal Saber Void's nature.

Eternal Phoenix consists of the following parts:

  • Paragon Helmet Eternal Phoenix: The helmet.
    • Blade Crown: The blade on the forehead. It is installed on the top of the head as a proof of being selected by the Holy Saber. It has the role of adjusting the state of Kamen Rider Paragon and the Holy Saber, and adjusts the power balance between them and cancels transformation in an emergency. It is also a blade with a sharp edge, and can also be used in battle.
    • Phoenix Feathers: The sensory antennae. It has excellent space grasping ability and can accurately detect attacks from all directions.
    • Void Visor: The flame-style visor. It grants the user the ability to sort and clarify the power of sacred attributes by color coding.
    • Eternal Phoenix Mask: The facial mask. It possesses the power of the Mythical Beast Eternal Phoenix and brings an endless eternal life to the user.
  • Void Robe: An armor worn by a person selected by the Immortal Saber Void. Attached at the same time as the awakening of the Holy Saber, it gives the user the power to fight, such as improving sword skills, strengthening physical abilities, and activating special abilities. This is a special weapon for using the special abilities of the Ride Book Eternal Phoenix.
  • Eternal Cuirass: The chest and left shoulder armor. If it’s destroyed by an enemy, the user can be revived by the "eternal light" emitted by the Mythical Beast "Eternal Phoenix".
  • Eternal Phoenix Shoulder: The right shoulder armor. It possesses the power of the Mythical Beast "Eternal Phoenix" and brings eternity that transcends death and rebirth to user.
  • Eternal Arms: The arms. The power of the Mythical Beast "Eternal Phoenix" super-activates the body of the user, bringing the power to perform tremendous sword skills.
  • Eternal Gaunt: The gauntlets and gloves. Originally, it has the power to put on the "eternal light" that cuts off the flow, only on the blade of the Immortal Saber Void that returns all attributes to nothing.
  • Tail Cape: The armor with ultra-thin blades folded like the tail feathers of a phoenix. By wrapping the impact received with a "permanent light", the attack power is converted into its own energy, creating an inexhaustible power during battle.
  • Eternal Legs: The legs. It possesses power of the Mythical Beast "Eternal Phoenix", boosts jumping power with flight capability, and is good at aerial combat.
  • Eternal Talon: The feet. By wearing a "permanent light" that cuts off the flow, the user can activate the finisher move "Void Break" that turns everything into ashes.

This form has two finishers:

  • Immortal Saber Void finishers:
    • Void Strike: Has four variations.
      • Paragon is surrounded by a ring of dark fire, which flows into the Immortal Saber Void. He then performs a vertical orange energy slash that travels forward with an energy construct of a phoenix flying behind it before it collides with the enemy.
      • Paragon is surrounded by red and black energy before sprouting wings in a burst of fire. He then flies into the air with a phoenix made of fire behind him and launches a large orange and black energy slash at the opponent.
      • Paragon delivers a slash of orange flames at close range before launching a larger, horizontal slash projectile after a short charging period. Both attacks produce waves of heat upon impact.
      • Paragon covers the Immortal Saber Void with flames and swings it, creating a phoenix made of fire that flies into the enemy.
    • Single Slash: Paragon scans a Ride Book against the base of the blade, and performs an attack based off of it.
      • Eternal Phoenix: Has two variations.
        • Paragon charges the Immortal Saber Void with red, orange, and black energy before being surrounded by orange feathers and performing two orange energy slashes in front of him. The slashes combine into a single X-shaped slash that flies into the opponent, with an energy construct of a phoenix flying behind it.
        • Paragon covers the Immortal Saber Void with flames and swings it, delivers a orange energy horizontal slash, the slash creating a phoenix made of fire that flies into the enemy.

Appearances: The Immortal Swordsman, Saber Episodes 34-35, 38





Behind the scenes


Immortus is portrayed by Chord Overstreet.


  • The word "Paragon" means a person or thing that is regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality which, in Immortus' case, refers to his immortality.


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