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"Unsheathed! (Transformation announcement)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Finishing Style!"
―Finisher activation announcement with Immortal Paragon Driver[src]

"(Book name) Void Crash!"
―Belt finisher execution announcement with Immortal Paragon Driver[src]

"Unsheathed! (Book name) Void Strike!"
―Belt finisher execution announcement with Immortal Paragon Driver[src]

"Single Slash!"
―Finisher announcement after scanning one Ride Book[src]

"Double Slash!"
―Finisher announcement after scanning two Ride Books[src]

"Triple Slash!"
―Finisher announcement after scanning three Ride Books[src]

―Finisher standby announcement when plugged into the Sacred Holder[src]

"Sacred Slash!"
―Finisher execution announcement when removed from the Sacred Holder[src]

"Special Slash!"
―Finisher announcement after scanning the Dragonic Buster or King Lion Buster[src]

The Immortal Saber Void, is the transformation device and personal weapon of Kamen Rider Paragon.


The Immortal Saber Void is composed of the following parts:

  • Holy Saber Base: The base of the sword.
  • Sacred Handle: The handle.
  • Action Trigger: The trigger. It assists in initializing Rider Finishers.
  • Eternal Void Emblem: The source of Void's black flames.
  • Holy Channeler: The blade's base. With the wisdom blade, you can learn and embody all the traditions written in the Ride Book from the Holy Sword Riser and the "Sacreader".
  • Sacreader: The reading device at the tip of the blade. By contacting the special speed-reading metal fitting "Taleader" on the back cover of the Ride Book, you can read with speed. As a result, it becomes possible to temporarily hold all the power of the Ride Book's tale in the Holy Saber.



To transform, the user inserts one Ride Book into the slot on the belt and pulls out the sword.


Main article: Finisher (Saber)

There are five ways to activate a finisher with the Immortal Saber Void:

  1. Pull the trigger on the sword twice while it's docked into the belt.
  2. Pull the trigger on the sword and pull it out of the buckle.
  3. Scanning up to three Ride Books on the sword's base and pulling the trigger.
  4. Dock the sword into one of the Sacred Holders before pulling the trigger on the sword, and pulling it back out.
  5. Scanning the Dragonic Buster or King Lion Buster on the sword's tip and pulling the trigger.

  • Single Slash: Paragon scans a Ride Book against the base of the blade and performs an attack using its power.

Has two variations:

  • Paragon charges the Immortal Saber Void with red, orange, and black energy before being surrounded by orange feathers and performing two orange energy slashes in front of him. The slashes combine into a single X-shaped slash that flies into the opponent, with an energy construct of a phoenix flying behind it.
  • Paragon covers the Immortal Saber Void with flames and swings it, delivers a orange energy horizontal slash, the slash creating a phoenix made of fire that flies into the enemy.

  • Void Strike: Has four variations:
    • Paragon is surrounded by a ring of dark fire, which flows into the Immortal Saber Void. He then performs a vertical orange energy slash that travels forward with an energy construct of a phoenix flying behind it before it collides with the enemy.
    • Paragon is surrounded by red and black energy before sprouting wings in a burst of fire. He then flies into the air with a phoenix made of fire behind him and launches a large orange and black energy slash at the opponent.
    • Paragon delivers a slash of orange flames at close range before launching a larger, horizontal slash projectile after a short charging period. Both attacks produce waves of heat upon impact.
    • Paragon covers the Immortal Saber Void with flames and swings it, creating a phoenix made of fire that flies into the enemy.

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