The Ikeda Auto Shop is an automotive repair shop located in the Little Shibuya District of downtown Leone. It is owned and operated by Jiro Ikeda and his son David Ikeda. It also serves as a base of operations and source of income for Pecos as he works there and the shop has a Panner hidden underneath it.

It primarily services vehicles that are still functioning after the Pra'meth Occupation and utilizes crude homemade 3D scanners and printers to replicate auto parts for cars using recycled metal scrap or shrapnel that they scavenge from Pra'meth weapons testing sites.



Peco's underground base

Adam has a hidden base underneath the shop that can be accessed by placing a keychip in a hidden slot in the wall, which unveils a pneumatic elevator hidden behind a toolchest. The base contains a Panner powered by old car batteries, a repair garage for The Sidewinder and a workbench for making ammunition for his Coicolt guns.

The Remodeled Base

After the destruction of the Lake Wesson base, parts of Nile's base and the Panner had been dismantled and were then relocated to the Shop. The entrance was reinforced with a metal alloy electronic door made from the scrap of Pra'meth fighter drones that could only be opened by the keychips and protected by a bio-scanner stolen from a genetic-seeker missile to keep uninvited guests out. Nile's Panner was repaired with bits of Pra'meth tech and produced new types of Soul Rounds but still only in a limited amount due to it lacking a power source strong enough to maintain the energy consumption of its new parts. The new base has a sofa,chair and a row of shelves for Nile's surviving collection. It also contains a small vault for Soul Rounds, a holo-screen TV for news reports on Pra'meth attacks, a Rider Machine hangar near the entrance and a new medical bay.


  • The characters of the shop are a nod to Shotaro Ishinomori's Android Kikaider.