Ibves (イビス Ibisu?) is the alternate dimensional being where Hyperdimension Neptunia and Okami along with second Generation VI are. Ibves loves LockSeeds fruits though tasting premature flowers. As they capture Ibves, they become partners to summoned.


Method of Evolutions

These small Ibves were Ibves Larva (幼虫態 Yōchū-tai?) that can eats small amounts of LockSeeds to help them grow and fight the opponents' Ibves.

After the larvaes eats the small amounts, fighting or both requirements, they forming the cocoon then evolve into Ibves Warriors (戦士態 Senshi-tai?), the mutated warrior-like monsters. As Ibves Larvaes fighting too many times as result, they quickly evolve into Ibves Worms (純粋幼虫態 Junsui Yōchū-tai?), a higher form of Ibves Larvaes. After Ibves Larvaes or Ibves Worms eating too many LockSeeds, their evolution acceleration gone wild then evolve into Ibves Soldiers (兵士態 Heishi-tai?), a super evolved form of Ibves Worms.

When the Ibves Warriors or Ibves Soldiers wasn't strong enough, the person used their LockSeeds to temporarily evolve into a higher form called Megaves (大戦士態 Daisenshi-tai?) and Ibves Arms (イビスアームズ Ibisu Āmuzu?) whenever used other LockSeeds.

When the Ibves Warriors or Ibves Soldiers fight fully potential, they allowing to evolve into Ibves Fighters (超戦士態 Chōsenshi-tai?), a stronger form of Ibves Warriors. After Ibves Warriors evolved, they no longer temporarily evolve into Megaves as well Ibves Arms. Instead, they have modified form of these Ibves Arms called SeedArms (シードアームズ ShīdoĀmuzu?) when used the Ganbarin LockSeed.

As Ibves Fighters has fully high friendship, they allowed to evolve into Ibves Emperor (大力態 Daichikara-tai?), a higher and third form of Ibves Fighters. After Ibves Fighters' evolution, their Ibves' appearances has changed to armored-like Rider and unlocking the signature weapons but still used SeedArm Armament function. Also, the Ibves Emperor empowered the stronger version of Megaves' finisher attack called Emperor Kick (皇帝必殺 Kōtei Hissatsu?).

When Ibves Emperor grown into their friendships even brighter, they allowed to evolve into Ibves Monarch Warlord (翔王者態 Shōgōja-tai?), a highest and final form of Ibves Larvaes. After the final evolution, their Ibves' armored-like Rider wasn't changed but instead has new accessories, with their weapons was evolve into the singature weapon form and no longer used SeedArms after evolving their weapons. While they were final evolved states, they were powerful than any Riders so far. Eventually, when Drazetron evolved, Master explains that higher Ibves and the Rider friendships were so strong to evolve himself.

However, it was revealed in Season 1 finale that Ibves Game will be end and evolve into downgraded forms (a true final form because that the final touch to order defeat Samuel "Nakaoka" who killed Era humans and two victims). After the Ibves Game was over, the Ibves were no longer evolve into their forms. However, it was revealed in Magic World Saga 2 that both Ibves and Phantoms has additional stages were supposedly Ibves and Phantom Game was over.

List of the Ibves

Ibves Species

Red Ibves

Blue Ibves

Yellow Ibves

Green Ibves

Purple Ibves

The Ibves

Villainous Ibves

Enemy Ibves

  1. Mondrake Ibves (destroyed by Orang Rider and his Dracokong Ibves)
  2. TheCurse Ibves/MegaCurse Ibves (seemingly defeated by Orang Rider cutting his head in half before mutated into MegaCurse Ibves and destroyed by Drakong Ibves' Dragoburst Kick)
  3. Scissors Ibves/Crunchin Ibves (beaten by Lime Rider and his Bikkuritora Ibves before eating Lockseeds to make evolve into Crunchin Ibves and destroyed by Bikkurieo Ibves' Three Lemon Kick)
  4. MutatedGin Ibves/SkydainMutated Ibves (beaten by Berry Rider and her Pterafalcon Ibves before eating small amount Lockseeds as well Skydain to merge into mutated Ibves and destroyed by Tuxputotyradon Ibves' Tyranno Crescent Kick then TorikeraFalco Punch)
  5. Ikamice Ibves/Ikarat Ibes (beaten by Orang Rider's Oranger Kick and destroyed by Drakong Pine's Pine Iron Bash)
  6. Frogbo Ibves (destroyed by Lime Rider's Limonade Slash)
  7. Crowfly Ibves/Megafly Ibves (beaten by Berry Rider's Blue Fruit Kick and Pterafalcon and destroyed by Tuxtyradon Grape's Multi Grape Bullet)
  8. Pigmonk Ibves
  9. Ryuusaku Ibves/Ryuusukai Ibves
  10. Foxdora Ibves
  11. Bugfly Ibves
  12. Cragby Inves
  13. Reanimate Ibves
  14. Gravity Ibves/Levitate Ibves
  15. Gunbai Ibves
  16. Cobrasuon Ibves/MegaCobrasoun Ibves
  17. Pigzonk Ibves/CarrierPig Ibves
  18. Spitbat Ibves
  19. TheCreep Ibves/TheMegaCreep Ibves
  20. Poison Ibves
  21. Shushu Ibves
  22. Tree Ibves
  23. Gushin Ibves/MegaGush Ibves
  24. Sleepy Ibves
  25. Moonlight Ibves/Darklight Ibves
  26. Gongar Ibves
  27. Gunray Ibves/Blasteray Ibves
  28. Swordin Ibves
  29. Pimok Ibves/Hydramok Ibves
  30. Shield Ibves
  31. Painful Ibves
  32. Belldum Ibves/Belldoom Ibves
  33. ZoBon Samuel Ibves
  34. Blader Ibves
  35. Shipon Ibves
  36. Darknova Ibves
  37. Darknes Ibves
  38. Ocean Ibves
  39. Golezer
  40. Gongar Ibves (Beast Arm)
  41. Zangetsu Ibves
  42. Zangetsu Complete Form
  43. Lasy Ibves/Rampager Ibves
  44. Alma (Lost Body)
  45. Alma (Zangetsu Body)
  46. MessSanta Ibves/Reindeer Ibves
  47. Misunderstand Ibves
  48. Knuckle Ibves
  49. Batfang Ibves/Vampiras Ibves
  50. Bouldera Ibves


  • These Ibves were bit similar of Pokemon along with LockSeeds were homage as Poke Balls.
    • Strangely, they used LockSeeds to help their Ibves to evolve into Megaves. They can temporarily turned back to their previous forms like Mega Evolution.